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Meet Marvelon “STIXX®” Mitchell The Super Drummer Man

Marvelon “STIXX®” Mitchell
Marvelon “STIXX®” Mitchell
Marvelon “STIXX®” Mitchell
Rochelle Gonzales
Rochelle Gonzales

IT is always a pleasure to see someone whom you knew from childhood blossom into a successful adult.

I take pleasure in highlighting people’s hard work and achievements and I get an extra joy when I happen to know that person so it is with great pleasure that I introduce today’s FITC, Marvelon “STIXX®” Mitchell.

Mitchell who has two personas: Marvelon, the normal guy and STIXX the musician, is a self driven and motivated individual who aggressively goes after what he wants and lets nothing get in his way.

Using his real name Stixx to market his brand as a professional drummer, Mitchell has indeed used all of his resources to build a successful career which has taken this easy going guy from end to end of the globe.

Mitchell puts his success down to one thing…his hunger and determination to be the best that he can be.

The VOICE: You are perhaps one of the best drummers in St. Lucia…when did you realise that you had this talent brewing inside of you?

Stixx: I realised it when I saw it becoming my way of life… a profession and not just a hobby. I realised that there’s so much more to music than just being a good drummer. I used my name to market my self as a brand, my talent and as a representation of what my product (which is my drumming) stood for. The name STIXX® and my domain have and will always be TeamGrooveLand™

The VOICE: At what age did you really start to take this talent seriously?

Stixx: At 18 years of age but it literally took me 2 to 3 years to figure out the fundamentals… the basics of the art, then I had to take 2 to 3 years seeing that I had no music teacher, so I’m self taught. I’ve been a professional nine years now. I had to learn everything, even about the business on my own.

The VOICE: Having seen you in action on stage and on video, you make this look so easy but what does it really take to do what you do?

Stixx: It takes serious dedication, priorities need to be in the right place, goals need to be set…you need to be disciplined and that was my rock which came from my parents, especially my mother who was a key factor to my discipline. That was a huge building block to others or artistes wanting to work with me, knowing that I could be depended on and pull through. Rules and regulations always needed to be followed. On the other hand, as a drummer, I do exercise. Keeping fit is also part of my routine, building strength…constant practice builds good technique allowing me to use my limbs the right way, maintaining a consistent punch or impact throughout my performance. Not having bad habits helped as well …

The VOICE: How much money have you invested into your brand over the years? I’m asking this because your equipment alone looks rather pricey.

Stixx: I’ve invested thousands and I still can’t stop here whether it be drum gear, clothing, transportation, maintenance, all these are some factors to keep the brand afloat…self preservation most of all

The VOICE: Where has your skill taken you in life in terms of destinations, who you’ve met/worked with and of course $$$

Stixx: My work has taken me across the globe, touching every continent in the world by age 26. I’ve met with many different artistes, performers, bands musicians, starting from out of SLU being the drummer for the likes of DeN5, Spectacle Vertex, DYP, Nicole David, Alpha, Ricky T, Carl Gustave, Claudia Edward, Barbara Cadet. Regional; Denyse Belfon, Scrunta, Ronnie McIntosh, Super Blue, David Rudder, Half Pint and the list goes on. The music industry is a great place to earn a living. However there is some serious work that need to be put in both on and off the stage, so you earn based on what you put in and how others see you and what you represent.

The VOICE: Now, you are a happily married man, how does the beautiful Mrs. Charlemagne-Mitchell put up with all the banging and clanging at home whilst you practice?

Stixx: Well actually I make it quite easy… I don’t practice at home unless maybe doing some light exercises on a pad which isn’t that loud or annoying. I continue to practice at my Mom and Dad’s house… my first home where the journey started, so I’m continuing right there, allowing no disturbance on my wife’s end. However, she has been an Entertainer/Dancer for over 20 years so she understands and supports my every move 1,000,000%.

The VOICE: I know as far as you’ve come in this business, you’re still at the beginning of your reign and with ambition and potential coming out of your ears. What can we expect from you in the near future?

Stixx: I can only guarantee that I will be doing my best to take my game to another level and being the best that I can be. I guess whoever’s following need to keep tabs on me if they wish, whether it be supportive, or just to see what’s up with this guy… to me it’s a journey and I await the different experiences as they come. No one can determine the future for that’s God work and he blessed me with this talent so I’m simply paying respect to him by embracing “My Journey” the life of music. We all have big dreams so it’s great to see the hard work and effort, then seeing them being fulfilled is a whole different story or part of the ball game.

The VOICE: What legacy would you like to leave behind?

Stixx: The one which is remembered as the Total Package;
Good Business-wise
Being Unique/Trend Setter – The only drummer wearing his sticks in his necklace, representing my name and my art form
Role Model
Positive Influence
Others can want to take this art form seriously knowing that it is indeed a profession and not just a hobby.

The VOICE: Finally, to the young boys and girls who are constantly banging on tables trying to let out their inner beast of a talent for drumming, what words of motivation and inspiration would you share with them?

Stixx: First of all I will advise that you need to have faith and believe in God because nothing happens without Him. You need to keep disciplined, dedicated, open to constructive criticism, and work towards the art form for the rest of your life…do what is required not what you want because you are not the one paying yourself and simply be the best you can be and let no one detour you…

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