Fit4Life – The New Year Revolution cont’d

This is the ninth in a series of articles intended to expose our readers to pertinent information regarding their fitness efforts. It is produced mainly on the basis of research done by Rodriguez “Rodja” Constantine, owner of REPTS (Registered Exercise Professionals & Therapists). Rodja has over 20 years experience in the field.

CORPORATE FITNESS – Working Out Can Boost Productivity.

RESEARCHERS at Stockholm University and Karolinska Institute recently published a study showing that individuals who took time out of work to exercise were just as productive if not more productive than those who didn’t exercise during work hours.

“The increased productivity comes, on the one hand, from people getting more done during the hours they are at work, perhaps because of increased stamina and, on the other hand, from less absenteeism owing to sickness,” says one of the lead researchers behind the study.

A similar British study that employees returning to work after lunchtime workouts showed consistently higher work performance, better time management and improved mental sharpness.

It has been well documented that exercising at the workplace if only for a few minutes at a time are enough to advert serious health conditions. Now it is also enough to boost productivity and really affect the bottom line.

Studies such as these are showing that workplace exercise programmes benefit more than just the workers. They also give companies more efficient employees who work better together. Health-care costs can be expected to go down for employees who exercise regularly at work, resulting in fewer sick days, better attendance and more cooperation between co-workers.

Sedentary type occupations where employees may sit in front of a computer for 8 hours a day are obviously most prone but are also the ones who can benefit most.

However, the benefits of a corporate fitness programmes cannot be reaped without adequate participation, and the lack of corporate fitness participation in St. Lucia boils down to two basic problems: (1) pricing, and (2) who pays.

Having authored a few local corporate fitness programmes in the past, I can tell you that the pricing structure is perceived as too high by both employee and employer. So irrespective of who pays, participation seems cost prohibitive resulting in little no participation and hence no benefits. The key to participation, then, seems be two-fold: (1) reduced pricing and (2) getting the company to pay.

While this model works in theory, it’s often faced with a third problem: St. Lucian companies in large part do not seem to value their employees enough to invest in such programs even if the price structure was conducive to a mutually beneficial long-term corporate fitness programme.

It’s sad though because whereas more forward thinking employee-oriented companies in other regions of the modern world are keen to start and pay for corporate fitness programmes to its own benefit, St. Lucian companies seems to have put a limit on how much they are willing to invest in their employees and, by extension, it’s own productivity.

The truth is, some employees simply can’t afford to take on the additional expense, and the reason for this is probably the topic for another discussion. In the meantime, feel free to contact me for a discussion on how to cost effectively start a corporate fitness programme for your employees.


In the meantime, here is the ninth in a series of Fit4Life weight loss routines to perform at home or at your current gym. This is a 12 week plan that combines cardio-cross training, intervals and high-intensity strength training workouts to help you shed unwanted pounds, trim excess body fat, and sculpt a lean body. Each week the workouts get progressively challenging to keep you motivated toward your fitness and weight loss goals. Each workout should be performed in sequence with one day of rest in between and each should eventually be completed within 30 to 45 minutes. This programme is FREE and available by email to all readers. Personalized programmes are also available for a nominal fee. Please email your request (FREE Weight Loss Programme or personalized program) to reptsfitness@gmail.com. You may also contact Rodja via BBM (22BE6214) for information or advice regarding your fitness efforts.


Rodriguez”Rodja” Constantine is a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Consultant and owner of REPTS ( Registered Exercise Professionals & Therapists), a Health & Wellness studio located in Rodney Bay adjacent to the Gros Islet bound Rodney Bay bus stop. Rodja has over 20 years fitness experience and through REPTS offers all inclusive upgradeable wellness packages (Personal and small Group Training, Body Analysis Nutrition Counselling and Planning, Massage Therapy, etc.) for one affordable monthly fee. Rodja also designs long term fitness plans and short term workout routines for use at home, your current gym, or when travelling. We invite you to visit REPTS for a free consultation and a tailored programme that will best help you achieve your fitness goal. You may call at anytime at 758-722-3763 during business hours (4:30a.m – 10:00p.m) to schedule an appointment.

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