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Re-ignite The Orange Protest


MONEY matters. It does even more to those without and who are trying to get their hands on it.

Money is also a ruthless task master which loves its own company. It is also an elusive and reluctant servant which flies away when poorly treated.

These truths should help explain the economic predicament of Saint Lucia and the present scarcity of money. Those who were promised better days ought to note that ‘Days’ has quite suddenly been dropped from farce. Everything here now works in reverse. Transparency now operates in the dark. Hidden secretiveness is now an oxymoron for openness. Worst, integrity has been kicked out the room and vagabonds habituate where persons of vision and integrity once conducted the affairs of State.

Money or lack of it and its misuse, remains at the centre of everything that is wrong with Saint Lucia. Witness the following: 1. Government has announced the construction of offices for the Prime Minister for some $40 million (EC) at the same time it is handing over the management of its only international airport to a foreign outfit. Is this another example of secretive deals in the dark? The question is crucial because the government continues to tout ‘tourism’ as the island’s new economic saviour even as they try hardest to steal tourism from Allen Chastanet, a former Minister of Tourism under Sir John Compton.

2. The unconscionable increases in vehicle licenses perhaps to make up for lost income from the foregone threatened five percent pay deduction in the salaries of Mary Isaac and her civil servants. Of course, the lost revenue from siphoning off in broad daylight (with equally guilty accomplices looking on) of excessive gasolene prices plus a three-month review. Thank God Allen Chastanet and his orange protests stopped the dissemblers and the lovers of other peoples’ money in their tracks.

In the meantime what relief is there for workers who have borne the heat of the day and are now in declining years praying and hoping for some relief from government? The language which uncaring politicians understand is the language of action. It’s now past high time the UWP takes to the road with weekly public meetings, taking their message (and the fight) to Labour and anyone else who stands in its way. Allen Chastanet must now prove that he is ready and willing to re-ignite the orange protest and turn it into a call for the government to return Hewanorra to SLASPA and to have that airport modernized with help from friendly governments and with money which the reckless Labour Government proposes to spend on offices for a prime minister who is afraid to venture into Castries.

By the way did Prime Minister Kenny Anthony ever visit the families at the back of the Castries Health Centre during the recent loss of lives there? Is he afraid of the people of Castries? Why is he hiding and staying away from the people?

– Peter Josie.


  1. The NYC metro has a once very popular “idiomatic” expression (too soft for current genZ):
    ( $ Money $ ) talks – Bovine manure walks).
    However, to take the analogy of the process of Bovine mastication versus $ talks to its church influences lets review the belief system of DISPENSATIONS and within it the SALE OF INDULGENCES.
    The Gothic cathedrals with their flight inspiring buttresses, thrived on Money talks to ‘heavenly’ favors.
    Despite the fact that Christ had symbolically trashed/tossed out vendors from Jerusalem’s super funded Temple.
    Therefore, this is NO SURPRISE and so well anticipated.
    How can anyone bet against a newborn going after the succulent domes of its dedicated mother’s mammary glands?
    The final run of the “labou” laden Troumasse River thru Micoud South-
    to be gobbled by the roaring vortex of the Mighty Atlantic-
    is fair compost for farmers with adequate filtration systems, n’est pas?
    It would be a delightful treat for that constituency –
    if one of the Compton belles (mom or daughters) run as an independent to contest this seat.
    Now that would be a hallmark of political authenticity for Micoud and Flambeau in general, oui!

  2. Peat was that a patch of veiled or subliminal ‘Yellow Scare” painted on your dismal mural. g
    The administrative capital of great places ( e.g., Brazil, NY state) are located in a more tranquil setting far from the stench, spontaneous acts of rabid violence, and the worship of the God of Commerce (does a picture of Castries match the aforementioned traits).
    Only the delusional would recommend the total disregard to health, safety etc. to wade into a micro version of Compton LA, South Detroit, or the projects of Brownsville Brooklyn.
    Since King Richard the 3rd no country on this planet sends its leaders to the trenches or front lines of battle zones.
    But then, demented gestapo shock troops like you oberleutenant PEAT TAR embrace your role as cannon fodder on behalf of your Reichstag Commanders.
    Do not forget to salute open hand outstretched arm forward , raised at 45 degrees and yell Seig Heil!

  3. PEE TAR
    As per your warmed over regurgitated strategies
    that do not address any of the pressing scenarios that challenge the nation building prospectus of St Lucia, therefore, I offer you a “tea time” siesta to soothe your misfiring dendrites- compliments of da leader!
    Sip long and deeply preferably at the Gardens or a collage of the natural scenery from the Japanese Garden inside Brooklyn’s Botanical Gardens.
    Go ahead, dress casual, no strait jacket needed – YET:)

  4. PEE TAR
    Does your definition of ‘getting help from FRIENDLY nations” include Havana or Caracas ?
    Therein is a real literary catch 22 for your tormented HYPOCRICY
    I know your blatant personal animosities would have you you wear a disfiguring Cyrano De B* nose rather than give any points to national posterity-just because your nemesis is captain of the ship of state.
    Nevertheless, I chose real star power to portray your typical character to a T
    It is you, oui !

  5. Monitor
    Yes, I can sometimes be over arching with wide references, nonetheless the goal is to bridge a span that can bear a wide traffic of literary thought on the subject or its writer.
    In the case of PEETAR I am compelled to encircle him on all flanks.
    So pardon the wide tangents but Smart Aleck Peetar understands every literary morsel hurled in the melee.
    MONEY is the root cause of PEETAR’s swing from humble leftist (Odlum acolyte) to maniacal Right wing extremist- as in his current tenure of talking head for the aristocratic elite.
    And here, he is speaking of money as if he is not a real model of AVARICE 🙁
    Think about this: The Bible clearly states that God elects a group of humans to his heavenly realm.
    Therefore, good works deeds , dispensations , indulgences, “Godfather” style confessions etc. WILL NOT BUY YOU A PASS GO THRU THE PEARLEY GATES.
    But millions of zealots believe that Mother Theresa is a shoe in for heaven because of her good deeds.
    That is the problem. Liberal theology teaches that we can BARGAIN our way into heaven or buy redemption for our sins, transgressions etc ….NOT!
    Barabas has an equal opportunity to get into heaven as Mother Theresa does….period.
    POINT OF THE MATTER …our free will is powerful but humbled / limited in forecasting the simple spiritual calender. It’s a real test of our rebellious nature!
    Most dogmatic christians tend to believe that they can do good works or confess sins and all is auto redeemed.
    Hey God I did my part now you “Must” grant me so and so”. Check out the mega TV churches!
    This is the fallacy that drives PEETAR and so many more. It also underscores the infantile stage of political development /sohistication here on island.
    Nuff said:

  6. “MONEY is the root cause of PEETAR’s swing from humble leftist (Odlum acolyte) to maniacal Right wing extremist- as in his current tenure of talking head for the aristocratic elite.”

    “MONEY is the root cause of PEETAR’s swing from humble leftist (Odlum acolyte) to maniacal Right wing extremist- as in his current tenure of talking head for the aristocratic elite.”

    “MONEY is the root cause of PEETAR’s swing from humble leftist (Odlum acolyte) to maniacal Right wing extremist- as in his current tenure of talking head for the aristocratic elite.”

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