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Questions But No Answers

It appears that the St Lucia Labour Party believes that it can retain the confidence of the public, both by being deceptive and by failing to address issues that need addressing.

After the last general elections we were fooled into believing that we had elected one of the best governments in St Lucia ever, but now past the halfway mark of the government’s term it is clear that this is not the case.

Why up to this point has the government not addressed the Lambirds matter by way of the promised investigation? We heard the Minister of Commerce in the House for Assembly recently on that matter but this threw absolutely no light on the several burning questions that are still being asked.

So why is the government that promised us accountability and transparency being so irresponsible by maintaining its silence on such an important matter.

But the question must be asked as well: why is the Opposition so incompetent by refusing to engage the government on this matter in the parliament. Could not one of the Opposition members pose a question to the relevant Minister using the floor of the House of Assembly?

Why is our Minister for Education who promised so much deteriorated in stature to the point that he has become so useless?

Does the Minister for Education not owe the public of St Lucia a comprehensive statement on the Lambirds matter? Does he not owe the public as well, a very comprehensive statement on what his Ministry plans to do about the serious situation of indiscipline that is taking place in our school system, especially at, but not restricted to the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College?

Is the Minister’s silence on these and other matters, an example of the kind of governance that St Lucians should have been expecting from the government of the Labour Party?
–Prince Herelle

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  1. Let’s play the proverbial “you know who” advocate!
    In what nation would ANY or ALL of these top level officials take time from the diligent work of serving the people to join the SPECULATIVE bazaar of a bad “foreign” investment gone awry?
    Are you chasing your Bounty shots with super cold Pitons lager –again?
    The old timers on the corner call these “boiler makers”-
    Garcon take a cold shower and let our already overburdened justice system process the foreign scam.
    It is no biggee-seriously!
    Criminals are constantly testing new scams by the minute
    Frankly’ your concern is better served on the issue of ATM point of use -ripoff.
    This affects the people who pay local taxes.
    The foreign scamers can wait -nothing is owed them!
    What happens when people invest hundred s thousands of dollars to scam across the Arizona or California borders.
    They are put in a jail- processed and returned right back to the countries they came from- I s St. Lucia rich enough to be MORE GENEROUS than the richest country in the Hemisphere
    Nuff said
    Have a Tangueray and Sprite on me!

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