Passion Fruit Beer Just In Time For Jazz

Passion Fruit Beer

THE Antillia Brewing Company Ltd. has announced the launch of its Passion fruit Ale, the second in a series of draught beers drawing inspiration from St. Lucia’s bounty of fresh, local agricultural products.

Antillia Brewing’s Brewmaster Andrew Hashey commented: “The incorporation of local fruits and ingredients of cultural significance to St. Lucia in our recipes is adventurous and of great importance to us. We craft these beers as a tribute to the wonderful bounty this island produces and we hope they inspire a sense of pride in the people of this beautiful place. While we take immense pride in our lineup of traditional ales and stouts, the ability to be creative with fresh, local products is almost limitless. We want people to come to this island searching for these unique beers.”

In February the Antillia released its Organic Grapefruit Ale, juicing fresh local citrus at the brewery, and Hashey says they plan on releasing seasonal and specialty ales as often as the inspiration takes them. The timing of the release of Passionfruit corresponds with the start of the annual Jazz and Arts Festival. The people here are passionate about their world class jazz festival; we wanted to play on that theme. The Passionfruit Ale has a slightly sweet, tropical finish and is refreshingly fragrant. The fruit works wonderfully with the beer’s wheat malt and choice aromatic hops, “ added Hashey.

The Antillia Brewing Company is located in Rodney Bay and is the only draught brewery in the region. Antillia specializes in brewing fine ales and stouts for the climate and tastes of St. Lucia. Antillia ales are served at the brewery’s taproom and at fine establishments across the island. The brewery is now bottling for take away consumption.

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