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Day of Reckoning Is Coming

The Editor

The SLP administration and their supporters need to focus on St. Lucia’s failing economy and unacceptable levels of unemployment, in addition to the scandalous Lambird’s issue and the St. Lucia tourist visas affixed to Cuban passports instead of meddling in the internal affairs of the UWP.

Whatever decisions taken by the constituency branch of Micoud South is an internal party matter. The decision to have Mr Chastanet represent the area without the consent of the SLP is a fait-a-complit and the fear within the SLP is understandable as those benefiting from the ongoing largesse have clearly understood that the days of wastage will soon be terminated.

The indiscriminate borrowings and construction of unnecessary edifices will soon become an event of the past and these funds will in future be used to educate the youth of the Nation at several vocational schools to provide the kids with skills which will permit them to earn a living and not remain on the block.

The Prime Minister should be ashamed to display a paid advertisement clearly demonstrating the millions he intends borrowing under the KENNYNOMICS banner as though this is something to brag about. If the PM had indicated that these millions of dollars borrowed and a reasonable return on those monies envisaged, one could understand the rationale.

Squandering such vast sums simply places St. Lucia into a more vulnerable situation than it already is. Hopefully the general elections will be held sooner rather than later to save us St. Lucians from an ongoing recession/depression. We simply have to revisit the findings of Mr Harris, the newly appointed Prime Minister of St. Kitts who disclosed that Mr Denzil Douglas a close friend of the SLP administration disbursed some $8 million two years prior to the general elections attempting to seek an advantage.

Interestingly enough, two well-known attorneys within the region received a total of EC$2.5 million in legal fees which makes us wonder how much our struggling St. Lucia has paid those attorneys thus far. This administration needs to take into account that the day of reckoning is around the corner.

– Cleus Mauricette


  1. If Edward Seaga, who was born in Boston, MA, could become political leader and Prime Minister of Jamaica (1980 – 1989); then, why can’t Allen Chastanet, a former tourism minister, run for a parliamentary seat, and even become the Prime Minister of St.Lucia?

    Bishop Gachet 11 and Son-of-man; two sides of the same ‘racist coin’.

      1. In April 1964, Malcom X went to Saudi Arabia and completed his Hajj. It was during this trip that he started to believe that Islam could play a major role in overcoming racial problems. He said that seeing Muslims of “ALL COLORS, from blue-eyed blonds to black-skinned Africans” made him realize this.

        Son-of-man, you are no Malcom X; you are nowhere near embracing St.Lucians of ALL COLORS.

  2. Garcon,
    you need to rise up from your arrested developmental milestone (adolescence -and I am being generous)
    Use of reverse triangulation.
    Categorizing folks in order to get the proverbial two birds with one hail mary,
    You anal bookkeepers are true cheap skates
    No time to hover over the material and produce one literary discussion.
    Cheaper (chiz) to spit and run).
    According to your insult here is my leader
    Do take the time to understand the satirical twist in your preposterous insult.
    Come to think of it, if our votes were based on physiological traits then the leader in the film clip above should get the most votes –
    because he summons as much mega gonads as Shaka Zulu evokes VIRILITY.

    1. A recommended must read and to add to your library: Carter Godwin Woodson ( The Mis-Education of the Negro.

    2. “You anal bookkeepers are true cheap skates”
      At least this anal bookkeeper knows his Accounts Receivables from his Accounts Payables; and has reached the zenith of his profession. Ha, Ha, Ha. Can you say the same?

      1. Citizen Kane, since you hold the convoluted opinion that you are the only Zenith professional posting; would you please reference your published work for my reading consumption. Thank you.

        1. ‘The Tree of Civilization’; a step by step account of the 5,770 years from the birth/creation of Adam in 3761 BC to the swearing in of Barack Obama as the first Non- Caucasian President of the United States of America in January of 2009; is in the works.

          Also in the works is ‘Cycles of Civilization’; an account of Asia as the first civilization, from 3761 BC to 2301 BC; followed by Africa, from 2301 BC to 841 BC; followed by The Americas, from 841 BC to 619 AD; and finally, Europe, from 619 AD to 2079 AD; then the process starts all over again.
          So, be patient, as I’m still trying to hammer out a deal with my publishers.

  3. CK
    Just a Looshan to Looshan piece of advice on life in the Jaded , cynical Apple.
    Drinking alone when one is alone in the greatest city is dangerous.
    Today was a great day for a promenade across or under the Brooklyn Bridge.
    There are great hangouts around DUMBO for bicyclists
    Dozens of healthy gals and guys ride all the way from Queens -along the Flushing Ave bikeway to hangout in DUMBO
    Stop being a co-cad and ask that friendly girl (or boy) COWORKER- One cant be too presumptuous in NYC- To go for a spin around the B Bridge. There are hundreds of rental bikes (BLUE) all over.
    It will improve your writing and purpose.
    Finally, its not what it looks like and substance does matter.
    The page cover of many a fine chick’s book evokes spicy tastiness but upon delving in to reading savoring the contents many suitors find boredom and bland aftertaste.
    On the other many a girl who would shy away from taking a cover girl photo because society has prempted them via dolls boney models etc turned out to be most engaging reading -if not sexy.
    Quit drinking – get a girl or get real with God
    Here is a sweet one to play on a first date- assuming its a gal
    She will think highly romantic of you.

    1. Hope you get to read that book…you can sit at piece at prospect park and enjoy and reflect on your self.. enjoy the read.

    2. “It will improve your writing….”
      When one is capable of passing all 4 parts of the CPA exam on his first attempt, it’s kind of OK to come up short elsewhere. I am sorry that my writing isn’t up to your expectation; but at least the ‘Average Joe’ can follow whatever it is I’m trying say. I write, not to impress, but, to express..

  4. NY/
    Nice book recommendation
    Your Metro mantle compliments your fireplace
    Woodson’s book was mandatory read for a college course a while back. I will revisit. My favorite quote is laminated in my volumes of literary scrapbooks:
    “When you control a man’s thinking you do not have to worry about his actions. You do not have to tell him not to stand here or go yonder. He will find his ‘proper place’ and will stay in it. You do not need to send him to the back door. He will go without being told. In fact, if there is no back door, he will cut one for his special benefit. His education makes it necessary.”
    Another of my academic reads was James Baldwin’s FIRE NEXT TIME
    A revisit is also due
    Nevertheless, the close symmetry between the two literary works is captured by a
    reviewer of James Baldwin’s FIRE NEXT TIME
    “The author suggests that in the same way as whites have been blinded to both their collective and individual truths, so have the Negroes. They have bought into what they have been taught to believe and told they MUST believe, and as such are fearful of challenging anything that might disrupt the safe, albeit toxic, status quo.”

  5. By the by, NY
    A favorite recommendation of mine to the politically astute is Franz Fanon’s THE WRETCHED OF THE EARTH
    Talk about a well rounded Martiniquan? That is Franz Fanon
    And I disagree with your Prospect park location for peaceful read.
    It can be dangerous for opportunistic crime in the most desirable spots for said tranquility.
    May I suggest the adjacent gated and better patrolled Botanical Gardens . Less crowded , quieter and dare I say more civic minded.

    1. And next would be: Invisible Man, By Ralph Ellison. And yes, The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens is a great relax spot for such an occasion.

  6. CK
    Imagine a Jamaican rural pastor at his Sunday pulpit in true Jamaican patois :
    ” Today’s reading is from TITUS 1″
    I’ve actually heard it. It was hilarious 🙂
    Relax ole boy. You are well on your way to acquiring your initial $ Million benchmark.
    You are way up tight. Is it the pursuit of fortune?
    Don’t forget to cultivate a profound love interest to become your better half.
    So that your quest for riches is adequately tempered by your blossoming ability to start a family.
    As one battle tested warrior to a neophyte, your petty distractions e.g., “writing to impress” are so flawed. Why? Because every writer has their own “voice” . It is what it is.
    Primary school in St.Lucia developed a voracious reading appetite in me.
    So, my reading and writing are part and parcel of my literacy. No Monet impressionism needed.
    God gave you CPA number crunching abilities.
    I am ever grateful first to God’s word and to a layman’s ability to sift through the words of men.
    You predict that the average Joe understands you. Is that not a form of calculated impressionism to target a specific AUDIENCE?
    CK. Here are three serious readings for your personal library:
    1- Hamlet
    2- Macbeth
    3- Lady of the Lake or Ivanhoe
    The last two were actually read in the primary school system of St.Lucia
    The Shakespeare duo were read in High school
    If you missed out on this early global literary immersion, hey, its never to late to revisit the classics.
    You should pity the text talk / write current gen.
    When I recommended recreation in the at large community as a way of enhancing your writing , it is advice I also give myself. Too often we get bogged down in the rat race and take little time to recharge our cultural awareness, “smell the roses”, reflect, etc. All writers get inspiration and potential essay frameworks from their culture/ environment.
    Take a bike ride down Vanderbilt Ave. Eastern PKway to Flushing Ave
    Now compare that ride to a ride down Bedford Ave between the same two beginning and end points.
    Or if you are in good physical condition walk it on a quiet Spring day.
    What a comparative essay on demographics for a political scholar?
    Finally, I know- I can be long winded.
    Your petty skirmishes will become mute and pointless as the cauldron of election season heats up.
    As a nationalist warrior, true to my ancestral heritage, I anticipate our canine full frontal assaults (hopefully with objective dignity about the best interests of ST Lucia first and foremost) with the heart of Shaka Zulu, the soul of Franz Fanon and a mind inspired by Divine Prayer.
    You know my position on taking prisoners.
    Please bring your A game.
    None of those wimpy personal distractors.
    This is not about you or me (from the warrior creed)
    Its all about St Lucia and her best interests.

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