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A Speech For The Speechless

The much awaited Throne Speech was a big disappointment and to many St. Lucians, the contents were the most lack lustre ever.

Faced with a contracting economy for the past three years, St. Lucians looked forward to some concrete plans by this administration to improve their own economic status, stir some real activity and create real employment. Instead, we witnessed extensive borrowings, empty promises and indications that St. Lucia has turned the corner and sprouts of growth have emerged.

How can all that be accepted when unemployment continues to grow, there are more business closures and tons of students are preparing to join the long line of the unemployed. Has this administration visited the Sir Arthur Lewis College lately to witness the ongoing mayhem where two gang wars clearly exist?

The Prime Minister’s facial expression and body language in Parliament gave an overall indication of the severe pressure he is presently under, but more noticeably, one without any answers to this lingering turmoil both economically and socially.

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force appears in disarray as senior officers are moved around like musical chairs in light of a mishandled IMPACS Report and a Lambird’s scandal which has been permitted to get out of hand by simply not taking the appropriate steps from day one.

The PM must take note that problems do not go away, they simply fester and become a new issue and this he should have known after eighteen years in the Political arena.

–Terrence Lansiquot

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    – In defense of the pretentious sociological “lances” of the ambulance chaser Lansiquot, secretary at Rigobert Medic Evac Consultants:
    More laboo blame game sans credible authentic assessment of the real underpins of the cultural milieu.

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