Models Warned To Shape Up

Hot Couture Casting Director Talks Tough.

Denise Lay
Denise Lay

THE Casting Director of this year’s Hot Couture has warned the models selected to stomp the runway that they are in no way going to get an easy ride.

Denise Lay told The VOICE that she is going to be nothing less than a drill sergeant when it comes to getting the models ready for the big show.

This year’s fashion show on May 6 is set to be the third annual installment to the popular St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival and has already made a mark on the fashion industry with its sharp incline in popularity within the regional and internationally.

Lay said that she plans on putting her all into working with the hopefuls to ensure that they put on a performance which is worthy of the reputation and status that the show has built.

She said: “My whip has been cracked. I don’t mess around with the models because at the end of the day, what they put out on the runway will be a reflection of the show and they need to show the designer garments in the best light. They need to do a good job and they need to strut as best as they can.”

Lay added that although generally, the models are seen as secondary as opposed to the garments that they are displaying, she feels that they are vital to the event.

She said: “The models make the clothes so they are an essential element to any show and I definitely will be working on them to be the best that they can be to give a stellar show.”

The Casting Director said for this year’s selection process of the models, they had to go back to basics as the numerous models who turned up for the four day casting calls were all to beautiful and talented. Lay said in the end, directors were forced to choose the tallest of the bunch.

A good break that they got was the fact that many models from the previous shows turned up, which aided the selection process, Lay said.

She was pleased to see that the show has gone from strength to strength over the past three years. Regional and international designers she said, had to be turned down as the show’s popularity has grown immensely. However, the actual event is not big enough to accommodate every interested party.

She said regional models were turned away as well as she felt that St. Lucia already provided all the beautiful and talented models needed.

One other word of advice Lay had for the models was to be on time everyday, as the big day is looming and all preparations must be done and perfected.

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