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Nonsense for Good Governance

The Prime Minister’s Press Secretary goes on holiday, for one, may be two months, and the post is promptly filled in a temporary capacity by another of the Labour boys, this time Terry Finisterre.

So two salaries are being paid for the duration of the vacation of the Press Secretary.

Is this the behaviour of a country in economic difficulty?

Why can’t the Prime Minister use one of the other persons already being paid by the taxpayers to do political work for the government. Was that not Winston Springer we saw in his red shirt at the recent conference at the Castries Comprehensive School? Why not use him as a temporary measure while the Press secretary is on holiday? Why do you have to hire another party hack?

I heard the Prime Minister at the conference pouring all kinds of scorn on the opposition, but Dr., Anthony needs to take a look at his own party and the nonsense it does in the name of good governance.

–Cletus Straughn


  1. Cletus:

    How petty will you go? this is some kind of cry of desperation on your part. So Kenny gave another Lucian to fill the post and obtain the experience, is there something so egregious about that, prompting you to cry the sky is falling ? did you want the job, or are you one of the functionally illiterates who thinks the bogus imposter Allen Chastanet will save you from going to Hell.

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