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We Reject our Culture and Embrace the Perpetuators of Slavery

Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

THANKS to the advent of the internet, all information that has been hidden from us about Mother Africa’s past and present is now available.

But what disturbs me more is that while much is spoken about the changes and challenges that the African states are going through and the new alliances that are now being forged, not with the West, but with the Soviets and China, apparently, we who were colonized, enslaved and exploited by the West, seem to say nothing and do nothing for our voices to be heard and our opinions known.

Despite all our learned schoolers and educated West Indians, we seem to have become mute, non-committed and without opinion. We rebelled years ago, we fought many battles to gain liberation and ultimate freedom, but today it seems we are all sleeping in a bed of comfort, living the life, enjoying the so-called success of our capitalistic lifestyle.

We seem to divorce ourselves from the modern-day revolution and see no reason to air our views. While a minority is clamouring for reparations to correct the injustices, redevelop our education and political system, revamp our policies and caring constitutions, it seems that the majority sit and wait, but will not participate in the change, far-less challenge the system.

What a people we have become. We still don’t mind sleeping with the devil despite of all its evil doings. It is not because of lack of information, but the disbelief of accepting our past and not being prepared to determine our future.

We believe that if we support or cut ties with our past colonizers we will perish, the flow of grants and loans will all disappear and we shall all stave and perish.

This, to me, is because of brainwashed education, total submission and foolish pride. We toe the line for comfort, we are happy with food and drink, our party lifestyle means more to us than facing our realities. We are like trees without roots and no branches to our past and contentment seems to be the order of the day. Nobody is putting their hands up, there is no need for revolutionary action, we are totally submissive, as members of the new world — the one carved up for us.

It is so sad that we are a clueless people, dependent on the West to direct our paths. We adore and admire all the doings and believe all we are told; and will not see that we reject our culture and embrace the perpetuators of slavery.

What can I do or say? I am only one voice and don’t have the qualification to be considered someone who should be listened to. Well, my friends, live the life you love, enjoy the thrills of this life — until you become aware of The Real World we live in.

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