PM Pierre Warns Against Inciting Anarchy in the Country

Prime Minister and Leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party Philip J Pierre
Prime Minister and Leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party Philip J Pierre

While addressing Sunday’s celebratory rally of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), held to commemorate its second anniversary of the 26th July 2021 general elections, Prime Minister Philip J Pierre expressed concern over a worrying trend involving persons attempting to create anarchy in the country.

Citing the inflammatory remarks recently made by former parliamentarian Peter Josie, Pierre said the people rejected Josie and his surrogates once and the people will eject them again.

He spoke adamantly about attempts to destabilize Saint Lucia, including within the(ranks of) Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF), and strongly advised against such actions.

“There is going to be a lot of destabilization trying to happen in this country…and the first place they are going to go is in the police force,” declared PM Pierre.

He said that during the SLP reign more police stations were built and more gear and equipment provided which is unprecedented in the history of local politics.

“So, they are going to try to destabilize the Royal St Lucia Police Force,” cautioned Pierre. “No man is above the law, and if any man commits a crime the police has a right to investigate and arrest him.”

The SLP Political Leader reiterated: “No man or woman is above the law …so, do not try to destabilize this Saint Lucia Police Force. These men and women are doing a very good job under the circumstances and I want to thank them for that…do not try to destabilize them.”

PM Pierre noted that there was “no political interference” within the ranks of the RSLPF, stating rather that “the police do (perform) their duties under the policies of the government of the day”.

The Castries East PM added, “So, look out for the destabilization that is trying to come in the police force …the same way that they underestimated me before the elections, do not try to underestimate me.”

Citing that the opposition forces has attempted to malign and ridicule his stewardship, the SLP leader said he strongly advocates for people to adhere to sustaining better ‘healthy living’ standards by consuming more local produce.

“Because of the high import bill, because of the issues with food security …eat more of what you grow,” he stressed. 

PM Pierre contended that the UWP is bent on “spreading hatred” in the country, and “everything that we (SLP) do is called bad”.

The prime minister further argued that because of the disruptive nature of the opposition forces, it appears that they are inclined to be “praying” for more violent behaviour in the country and for Saint Lucians to lose their visa status with the United Kingdom (UK) and for “crime to take over”.

Addressing the gathering more fervently, PM Pierre stated that the government has made “great strides” with its accomplishments over its two-year period in office.

The finance minister asserted: “This year, the economy grew by 18% …and in 2016, there was a surplus of the premier account and a primary account. When I took it in 2021, there was a deficit of over $200 million …and we worked hard, we saved …and we did not get involved in anything unbecoming.”

Added PM Pierre: “So, while that economy grew by 18% …that economy grew for (the) people. We paid civil servants and police officers their back pay and we gave them a pay increase.

“We gave anyone earning less than $25,000 a year no tax (payments) for them, and even the business persons who owed us (government) VAT and taxes, we took off all the taxes, all the interest and all the penalties.”

Citing other assistance provided to the citizenry, he noted: “So, it (economy) did not only grow on paper, it grew in tangible benefits that you the people can see.”

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