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PM Pierre Expresses Concern Over Homicide Incidents

Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre
Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre

While noting that the ongoing crime situation is akin to a “pandemic”, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has again expressed his concerns about the mounting homicide rate on the island which has increasingly become a bothersome issue for the authorities.

Following three reported murders committed over the last weekend, there were more reports on Tuesday about a shooting incident involving another young male on the outskirts of the city.  Reports state that at about 8.00 a.m., a man sustained gunshot injuries from an incident that occurred at Fond Assau, Babonneau and was subsequently transported to the OKEU Hospital in critical condition.

Last weekend, it was reported that three young men were gunned down in the south of the island, in two separate incidents.

Two of the victims are reported to be residents of Clarke Street, Vieux Fort. Police state that last Sunday (August, 27) at about 9:10 p.m. the lifeless bodies of Rufus Evans, 21, and Dave Edgard, 20, were found at the scene of the crime where the shooting incident occurred at Savannes Bay, Vieux-Fort opposite the Priest Rectory.

Law enforcement officers reported finding the two bodies at least three feet away from a black scooter at the scene.

Meanwhile, last Friday (August 25), police reported that Arnle St. Rose, 22, of Grace, Vieux Fort was shot and killed at Anse Ger, Desruisseaux. The incident reportedly occurred during the afternoon.

Media reports state that St. Rose was likely killed during a robbery in which a gold chain was among the items stolen from him. The incident occurred in the vicinity of several houses located nearby.

In the heat of it all, Pierre, also responsible for National Security, said he is open to taking a holistic approach to fighting crime on the island. The national security minister hinted that he is available to discuss the matter with members of civil society to come up with solutions to solve this problem.

Describing the situation as a “pandemic”, he noted that the situation is not endemic to Saint Lucia or the region, but is a matter that is disrupting the norms of society globally.

Pierre commented on the availability of officers within the Regional Security System (RSS), that had previously assisted local police in curbing the crime situation in the south of the island during a high wave of violent crime but have now left the country.

He noted that since other islands are also faced with their respective crime problems, the RSS officers rotate on duty throughout the territories to provide some form of security.

“The RSS have left because all governments wanted their troops back. All islands have that problem,” said the national security minister.

Added Pierre: “It’s a pandemic. I know it’s very convenient for us to pretend that it’s a Saint Lucia problem but it’s a pandemic in the region.”

Speaking about the performances of the officers in the Royal St. Lucia Police Force [RSLPF], the national security minister said that despite some negative comments from the public, he feels that the majority of officers perform their duties favourably.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, during a United Workers Party (UWP) Town Hall meeting at Anse La Raye, Opposition Leader Allen Chastanet reiterated a call for the government to establish a crime command centre. He declared that criminal activity threatens the lives of the citizens in the country and proposed several anti-crime initiatives.

In a letter, dated last December, the UWP’s Political Leader had written to PM Pierre on the proposal.

On Sunday, he stated “We treated COVID as a serious threat to the lives of the people of Saint Lucia. That is exactly what crime is doing to us today.”

Chastanet added, “… the same way that we put a Command Centre in for COVID, put a Command Centre in for crime.” He said the government should embark on daily briefings with the hierarchy of the RSLPF “to discuss what is happening with crime.”

The latest shooting deaths bring the island’s homicide rate to 59 for the year.

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    If I may allow me the curtsy to offer my thoughts on the crime spree now happening in St. Lucia, indeed it is hard to avoid an individual who is bent on committing a crime, Remember the olden days when the machete was the most feared weapon of choice, every one carries it openly, not as a weapon but as an instrument used for manual labor.
    With this said let us go back to the gun situation on the Island, do we have a gun factory on the Island of Saint Lucia? No, do we receive revenue from the sale of guns on the Island of Saint Lucia? No! Are there gun lobbies here in St. Lucia, not that I know of, are there gun shops in St. Lucia, on the matter of guns what and how does it play a role on the Island?
    Those questions should come to mind when dealing with the fatality of our people being murdered, to apprehend those perpetrators. Enough said about the reality that is happening, to poor Saint Lucia, instead let us look at solutions! The powers to be at this stage seem to have hit a roadblock, and there remains none or little fight left in them, sorry That will not do, get up on your hind legs and find solutions to the remedy we are lacking.
    There is constant talk coming from your leaders, but as I have said before it is only talk, Those leaders are not affected by the constant barrage of killings, only to score points on the matter Shame on them, they have failed the citizens of Saint Lucia, those rent a cop borrowed are now being highly praised for curbing some disturbances while they were active in the Island, now that they are gone are you going to cower like cowards and surrender to the lawbreakers, tell me its not so.
    It’s easy to bring the fight back to the people who kill our people, by simply observing this blueprint.
    1. Make all law enforcement personnel such as the police visible
    2. Evuilate and revamp the whole police force
    3. Map out on a map the areas of disturbance on every killing
    4. Form a command center answering only to crime prevention
    5. Stop hiring Keystone cops, hire men or women with true grit
    6. Remove those useless individuals who serve as representatives to protect and serve
    7. Put a muscle to the reporters who portray crime as a showpiece for gain
    My dear good people those are just a fraction of what steps to be taken, to combat the criminals here on the Island of Saint Lucia, The very first thing needed is a solid command center, you need to gather all intel from various factors, significant or insignificant as it relates to crime.
    It appears that the police force’s manpower is lacking a few good men, so retrain those capable of handling the pressure of making arrests, or hire a few good men.
    It appears like most of your law enforcement personnel are toothless Tigers, You need to get rid of them, the last thing you need now is law enforcement personnel who look the other way, and believe it’s a moral booster for the criminals.
    At this juncture you only have a police force that would not do, You need to recruit and train certain individuals with a different set of skills to combat this epidemic going on on your Island, not overweight or malnourished that would not do. Those would be the first personnel in the line of fire, they need to be of a different breed, mind, and body, one step higher than your regular policemen.
    To most of the police personnel serving on the police force, it’s only a job! Most of them would answer you this way if you asked about the crime here in Saint Lucia, I am not in that un, I only do my job and don’t look for trouble! Oh yeah if not you who then, end of the conversation, you see your dilemma, Mr. Recruiter, How can you rely on those weaklings that you have given a badge and uniform to protect and serve this beautiful island citizen?
    Since most of the crimes are happening in different areas of the Island, you should make your presence more visible to those areas, not just patrol there but gather intel from the citizens on every door and I mean every door, even though you come up to your doorstep.
    Your big break is to find the shooter, by any means possible, and bring them to justice, vigorously seeking the trigger person without fail, this is why you need the caliber of law enforcement I am talking about. One by one search them out, if you wonder why a large country curbs most of the violence happening on its soil, this is why if you commit the crime, you are sure to do the time.
    But before you get ahead of yourself, you need a command center, a strategic location in which to combat those criminals, and of course, a force to reckon with fighting men who would heed the call.
    The reporters also play a major part in fighting crime, since there is freedom of the press, then the press needs to publicize the amount of captured criminals also, more so to dwell on the capture of the shooter by giving out all information gathered in their search for a prize, remember you reporters you are not immune to bullets.
    Dear Sir, you seem tired of the situation, but have you thought of why you are unable to win this battle at this time, let me refresh your minds, your constant struggle with each other, the name callings, the patty hicks, there is no unity among yourselves, for short you all have failed the Island, oh yes you are all getting a failing grade.
    Yes put your shit together and find the remedy your Island is lacking or just send yourself packing, instead of making a fool of yourself in public on the world stage, and that goes for all who would cry wolf, and not be motivated to go for the hunt.
    Letters to Saint Lucia.

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