New Primary Health Care Nurses Participate in Orientation and Capacity Building Workshops


The Community Health Nursing Unit of the Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs, is once again hosting its orientation and capacity building workshops for new primary health care nurses. The workshops started from July 7 and are scheduled to end August 11. Participants   meet one day in a week.   The workshops aim to reinforce nursing standards and ethical principles and familiarize nurses on the vision, mission, values and health priority areas, new initiatives, policies and procedures of the Ministry.

Additionally, these workshops serve as a means of welcoming the nurses to primary care and introducing them to their roles and responsibilities. The workshops are also seen as a means of building capacity, developing competencies, strengthening skills, abilities, and processes in areas such as primary health care, community health concepts, and community health assessments.  This, the Community Health Nursing Unit believes, will contribute to a more effective primary care workforce, enhanced productivity, and improved delivery of health care.

These workshops also create an environment for interaction and engagement among the nurses in improving health care. Other areas covered under the Primary Care program include: Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases-CNCDs, Maternal and Child Health, Health Screenings, Communicable Diseases, Infection Control and Prevention, Inventory Management and Control, and Medical Emergencies.

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