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Government to Implement Systematic Approach to Help Police Fight Crime

By Reginald Andrew
Police and onlookers at a crime scene

In the midst of another shooting death for the second consecutive weekend, Prime Minister Philip J Pierre stated that government intends to move “systematically” and is working to improve matters for the police as the country continues to wage a war on crime.

Speaking on the sidelines of Monday’s cabinet meeting, he said, measures are in place to supply the police with more mobile patrol and put more boots on the ground.

The National Security Minister related to efforts being made to nullify incessant criminal activity in the country, against the backdrop of outside military assistance provided by the Regional Security System [RSS] to help local law enforcement officers battle crime.

He noted that the current administration inherited a myriad of problems affecting the police when they assumed office about two years ago.

“We are systematically working on improving the environment for the police (including) the passport situation …and right now we are working on improving the infrastructure and that was before our time,” declared PM Pierre.

“Some of the issues that seem to be raising their ugly head is the situation that we inherited and we are working on it,” said the national security minister.

“There is tangible proof that we are working …next week, the police are going to be getting about six motor cycles,” he disclosed. “We‘ve increased the man power with the RSS. There are issues as it relates to their (police officers) physical wellbeing and their numbers, and so, we are in the process of recruiting new police officers.”

Lately, the Royal St Lucia Police Force [RSLPF], Police Welfare Association (PWA) has raised some issues pertaining to the overall welfare, protection and stability of the unit and its members. An issue of note, relates to the matter of sexual harassment in the work place.

At a recent symposium involving regional police federations, the issue of sexual harassment was singled  out. Consequently, there are plans for the establishment of a Sexual Harassment Policy for women in the protective services.

Another issue dealt with the number of hours that police officers work and providing psyscho-social support for officers and members of the protective services throughout the region.

Pierre stated that his task involves the delivery of policy guidelines, finances and “to provide an enabling environment for the police to operate from”.

In terms of the sexual harassment issue, he said, “the police has to sit down and prepare a Sexual Harassment Policy…a policy that has got to be ratified and has got to be followed up after the ratification.”

The prime minister strongly condemns the act of sexual harassment in the work place, and not just in the police force “but (within) anywhere and with any employees both in the private and public sector. There ought not to be any sexual harassment …we do not want the Police Welfare Association to get involved in matters that are on the boundaries of political (issues)”.

He said the PWA should represent the interest of its membership and “our job is to provide an enabling environment.”

Pierre referred to construction works for a new Gros Islet Police station, the Vieux Fort Police station and the reconstruction of a Custody Suites as some of the pressing matters taken up to upgrade the services of the island’s law enforcement officers .

The national security minister noted, “We have given the police over 20 vehicles …and we are dealing with the points that lead to promotion. So, I would like the Police Welfare Association to understand that’s a work in progress.”

He appealed to the PWA to be patient and “let’s dialogue, let’s continue to work together for the enhancement of the police service and Saint Lucia, generally.

Added Pierre: “We are doing things for the police in a systematic way …and I would like the Police Welfare Association (PWA) to be patient and understand that the world did not start on 21st July (2021).”

1 Comment

    Thus says the man, we inherit not that we fail to protect our citizens, no that will look bad within our administration, let’s just say we inherit who cares what the people say, we need to spin a new handle, of course, sexual harassment that will do for now, one blinking excuse after another, failure to communicate, bickering playing the name game offering excuses instead of results, Saint Lucia, citizens of Saint Lucia ask how much was the bottom line cost of the cricket stadium compare to six motorcycles presented to the police force.
    The poor dejected police force, as usual, the security of the Island, takes no presidency at all too busy making themselves look important around the round table, HOW CAN YOU WIN A FIGHT if you cop out in the middle of the struggle, with such flimsy excuses of telling your citizen, it’s not us we inherit it, cowards, liars, weak hearts darn failures.
    How can my people accept this political nonsense, how can you live with yourself, yes you put them there through their fancy words, but you never tested them, and that is why they are now all getting failing grades, they mean all who stand in the way of real progress, those who offer up excuses rather than success, another weekend of killing lets broadcast this, before we play the name blame as if that can comfort the victim’s rights and suffering.
    Are you all serious about ridding the Island of its misery, as far as I can see the criminals are dominating and winning this escapade of crime and violence hands down, what do you intend to do about it, are you so safe yourself that all that is done is cheap talk no action, or the little bone toss out there is all you can afford, people give us some hope to crack some heads, get united it’s a win-win situation fighting together, it is becoming a bad situation?
    Doubtly I am praying for my Saint Lucia, but I see your saviors are all sick men, men with no honor, no guts to deliver you from the depression you now face.
    You need to have a strong police force well equipt with today’s technology, men of will, people of honor male or female, to battle today’s criminals, not six motorcycles.

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