Statement by The Saint Lucia Medical and Dental Association

The St. Lucia Medical and Dental Association wishes to extend heartfelt condolences to the family, friends, coworkers and all others affected by the tragic loss of Ms. Erika Franklyn. Ms. Franklyn passed away on May 7 at the OKEU hospital, her place of employment after being severely injured in a motor vehicular accident on April 30. We are indeed saddened and anguished at the circumstances leading to her demise. The psychological impact of treating one of our close contacts cannot be understated.

Additionally, the mental toll of managing multiple cases of road traffic accidents and persons involved in incidents of crime and violence is a significant burden for all healthcare workers involved. Furthermore, the strain exerted on our healthcare system and limited resources continues to be a challenge.

Information obtained from the St. Lucia Fire Service indicates that so far for 2023, they have responded to 353 calls yielding 493 patients and the Traffic Department has recorded a total of 8 road fatalities. We urge all road users, especially drivers of motor vehicles and motorcycles, to exercise due diligence and caution when traversing the nation’s roads. Just as we encourage a healthy diet and lifestyle, routine medical checkups and care of chronic conditions to promote longevity and good quality of life, so too it is necessary to ensure that vehicles operating are road-worthy with routine maintenance being carried out as needed. Speeding, use of alcohol and drugs which may affect one’s judgement should also be avoided.

The St Lucia Blood Bank struggles to keep up with the demand for blood and blood products at our hospitals. There is a wide cross-section of persons who require these and we are all too familiar with the pleas for donors in a time of dire need. To add to this, there is a global scarcity of blood bags which are used for collection and storage of donated blood which further hinders the ability of the blood bank to satisfy the demand.

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We as an Association, stand by our vision to achieve and promote excellence in medical care for the betterment of all St. Lucians and we encourage all St Lucians to do their part to attain this collective goal.

Dr. Delphina Vernor
Public Relations Officer

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