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National Schools Calypso Competition Returns


The Carnival Planning and Management Committee is excited to announce the return of the National Schools Calypso Competition, set for June 9, 2023. 

The competition will feature 16 participating schools, six at the Secondary School level and ten at the Primary School level.  The ten Primary Schools competing in this year’s competition include Augier Combined, Ave Maria Primary, Canon Laurie Anglican infant, Canon Laurie Anglican Primary, Carmen Rene Memorial, Gros Islet Primary, Mongouge Combined, Piaye Combined, Reunion Combined, and Saltibus Combined. The six Secondary Schools are Bocage Secondary, Castries Comprehensive, Micoud Secondary, Patricia D James Secondary, Saint Mary’s College, and Sir Ira Simmons Secondary.

Chairperson of the CPMC, Tamara Gibson said “Schools Calypso plays an important role in ensuring the viability of Saint Lucia Carnival. Contestants will work with the Saint Lucia Carnival Brand Ambassadors and some of the greats in Calypso to learn about the art form, developing a stage presence, crowd engagement and all the different elements. We’re nurturing the next generation of Calypso. Last year we saw riveting performances from young people in the tents and at the national competition, including the crowning of a young King, so we know the talent is there, and we want to provide this platform to put that talent on display.”

Coordinator of the competition, Jason ‘Bachelor’ Joseph said “One of the biggest threats that the Schools Calypso Competition has faced in previous years is the lack of support and funding. More recently, the event has been embraced as part of national activities for St. Lucia carnival, and we at the Department of Education believe that this is definitely a step in the right direction. This kind of support is what is needed to groom the next generation of calypsonians, writers, musicians, and arrangers, and to keep the art form alive. School calypsonians have a long history of rendering some stellar performances, and we expect that this year will be no different.”

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