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Let’s share the love – or Die With it All

Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

Often you hear the word “me” and “I” or “that’s mine,” but infrequently the words “us” or “ours”. I have known for a long time that no man is an island and collective development can create a more harmonious society, but not often do we see that.

When one assumes, or feels to oneself that another is better, or more fortunate than they are, it breeds envy and a negative attitude towards another. When one suffers from jealous behavior, or sees the other as more fortunate, or privileged, it causes animosity.

Most persons want to feel they have an equal opportunity, that they are not discriminated against, or disadvantaged because of class distinction, or where one lives or the pigmentation of their skin then it is about who puts their best foot forward. But not everybody has courage, as many feel intimidated because of low grades, low self-esteem, or lack of qualifications to attract the right job.

This is where each one can teach one or assist another to be an achiever. What most people want is a start, the necessary support, positive direction, honest assistance. We all cannot be masters at everything, but for those blessed with the knowhow, or have been fortunate to have achieved, they should consider a need to share that blessing, so as to be their brother’s and sister’s keeper.

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If you help me and I in turn can help another, many more will live in harmony and less will be envious of each other. As a people we need to be concerned about national growth, collective development and better relations among community members. What I know can be taught and it can be learnt, and sadly enough if you do not pass on what you know or may have learnt or acquired, you die with it.

Keeping your knowledge to yourself and not sharing would not qualify you as being known or be considered a contributing member of society. Granted self-preservation is vital, but so is giving a helping hand.

Before you criticize or condemn another ask yourself if you could have helped or assisted in improving the lives on another outside yourself. Love is meant to be shared, if you give you will receive and if you share you too will receive plenty.

If your neighbour is contented he or she would have less reason to be jealous of what you have. If we grow together, we all will be happier. To my mind, togetherness is about giving a helping hand, rather than denouncing the underachievement of another.

We need to think less about “I” and see about “us” and see if things will not change. If we want to see change we have to contribute to that change, so sitting on your wealth, or keeping your knowledge or expertise to yourself will not help growth.

As the Good Book asks: what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his soul? Legacy is all about your deeds on earth, your contribution to others, your support to your community and your general love for others. So, consider this good advice and remember: It is important to share the love.

We suffer from being divided, selfish and non-supportive to those less fortunate. We lack vision. We stifle growth due to lack of awareness; and we in some cases create an environment of criminality…

So, check yourself and assess where you stand in this preamble of life: will you share the love and the wealth and pass the skills on, or will you prefer to die with all.

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