Former Athlete Appointed Chef de Mission for Paris Games

Helena Renée-Emmanuel, Chef de Mission for the 2024 Paris Games.
Helena Renée-Emmanuel, Chef de Mission for the 2024 Paris Games.

On Wednesday, May 10, 2023, the St. Lucia Olympic Committee (SLOC) Inc. introduced to the media, Helena Renée-Emmanuel, Saint Lucia’s Chef de Mission for the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympics.

A former national athlete, Renée-Emmanuel has represented Saint Lucia in multiple sporting disciplines, including netball and track and field.

“I am so honoured to take on this role, and I promise, Mr. President, that it’s going to be the most memorable and successful Olympics that Saint Lucia has been to,” Renée-Emmanuel said in her brief remarks. “I am proud and humbled to support our exceptional athletes and to make sure that they perform to the best of their abilities at the Games.”

In welcoming Renée-Emmanuel to the new role, Emmanuel said her appointment marks yet another campaign promise being fulfilled: offering people outside the organization the opportunity to make meaningful contributions.

“Those who followed a brutal SLOC Inc. campaign (in 2021) would recall that I made it abundantly clear that if I were elected President of this organization, I would see to it we think and go outside the box to utilize the services and competencies of people whom we believe can assist us with our journey,” said Emmanuel.

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