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Fear remains greater than fear itself

By James Stanislaus

A wide section of St Lucians is firmly of the opinion that the entire SLP parliamentarians fear the opposition leader to an extent hardly ever recorded in local politics. The big question is WHY? Today, we shall make a concerted effort to explain that fear. Before doing so, we offer an observation which the public must have realized. That there was a plan afoot by the entire SLP government to deliberately attack the character of the opposition leader at every opportunity including the last parliamentary sitting on Friday 28th April. They tried hard to neutralize his credibility and interrupt his presentation, but the opposition leader rose far above his annoying childish critics. Even the Minister for Education, who rarely indulges in this absurd behavior, joined his shameful colleagues to play his part in the disrespect of parliament.

Someone ought to remind those misguided SLP parliamentarians that in life, people are born with various strengths of resilience. It must be clear to the government that the opposition leader was certainly blessed with his share of leadership qualities and power of discernment. The opposition leader once more took on the Ali Baba contingent in the most formidable manner. He dealt with them one by one and in true fashion exposed their failures with every bit of evidence. The attempt by government to ride on the coattails of the former UWP administration was clearly unveiled by its hypocrisy, and its fabrication, claiming the work of the former Chastanet government for themselves.

The Pierre administration should be ashamed to claim the work of the former government as their own. How on earth could the Pierre administration lay claim to any form of growth during his last eighteen months in office, when all he has done from that standpoint was to shut down six major job producing projects and ride on the back of the last administration for the few projects which are ongoing viz a well-structured tourism project, Cabot, the Pointe Seraphine Marriott Hotel, Intel IBO, Ojo Labs, Orange Grove Plaza and so on.

It should be recalled that the current PM had zero faith in the tourism industry from day one, hence former PM Anthony removed him from that Ministry. Up to 2021 after Covid, Pierre advised the nation that Allen Chastanet was the only one in the world to have predicted the return of tourism. As the euphoria of the former UWP administration dissipates we wait and see how long the regime will maintain the inherited foundation of growth they were so blessed to have inherited even though they willfully closed many public works projects started by the former Allen Chastanet government.

The opposition leader in his closing remarks once again warned the PM that the wrongs in his cabinet must be resolved as quickly as possible and further reminded the PM that the most recent Banannes Bay land scandal should be unraveled without undue delay. Finally, based on the information provided by the opposition regarding the series of blunders and poor vision made by the MP for Vieux Fort South over the past twenty-five years, the public is convinced that he must bear the full responsibility of the current state of the south. The Vieux Fort South MP cannot continue to hide or toe refute the fact that he has been MP for V/F South for 25 years and Prime Minister for 15 of those 25 years.

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