Embassy of Saint Lucia Donates 15 Books to Taiwan’s National Central Library

The Embassy of Saint Lucia has donated a total of 15 books to Taiwan’s National Central Library (NCL). These books, written by local Saint Lucian authors span a variety of genres from romance, history and culture, poetry, children’s literature, and theoretical discourse, including publications by our very own Nobel Laureates Sir William Arthur Lewis and Sir Derek Walcott. The significance of the number 15 is linked to our Nobel Laureates who were born on the same birth date (Jan. 23rd) but exactly 15 years apart.

This donation is the culmination of a project initiated in 2021 by Taiwan’s English-speaking Allies in the Caribbean to increase the availability of local literature from the region in Taiwan.

The Embassy of Saint Lucia extends sincere appreciation to NCL Deputy-Director General Dr. Chih-Tsung Ong and the National Central Library for the arrangements made to accommodate our ceremony being held in May (Saint Lucia’s Reading Month) and for providing a platform for the local community to learn more about our countries through books. It also wishes to thank Ms. Yasmin Solitahe Odlum and Sir Calixte George for providing video messages as authors of two of the books that were donated.

The Embassy also wishes to thank Vice Minister of Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) H.E. Alexander Yui, Director General Zheng of Latin America and Caribbean Affairs (MOFA) and other MOFA representatives, distinguished Ambassadors of Taiwan’s Diplomatic Corps, nationals, other specially invited guests, and members of the press for their presence and support at today’s ceremony.

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The list of books donated is as follows:

1. “A History of Saint Lucia” by Jolien Harmsen, Guy Ellis, Robert Devaux

2. “Marco’s Travels: Sa ka fet, Saint Lucia” by Jason Louis

3. “Midsummer: Poems by Sir Derek Walcott” by Sir Derek Walcott

4. “Omeros” by Sir Derek Walcott

5. “Running in Heels: Women and Politics in Saint Lucia (1961-2016)” by Yasmine Solitahe Odlum and Barbara Jacobs-Small

6. “Shantaye’s World” by Mathurine Emmanuel

7. “Soucoyan” by Alwyn St. Omer

8. “St. Mary’s College: The Caribbean’s Nobel Laureate School” by Sir Calixte George Sr

9. “The Field” by Baptiste Paul

10. “The Plum Tree” by Martha Blanchard

11. “The Theory of Economic Growth” by Sir William Arthur Lewis

12. “Tiki Tok: Growing Up in Saint Lucia” by Loverly Sheridan

13. “To Carnival: A Celebration in Saint Lucia” by Baptiste Paul

14. “Traditional Masquerade of Saint Lucia” by June Frederick

15. “What the Twilight Says: Essays by Derek Walcott” by Sir Derek Walcott

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