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24% Wage Increase for Factory Workers


The Management of A.S. Maraj and Company Limited and the Leadership of the National Workers Union (NWU) have successfully negotiated a new industrial agreement. Over 30 workers employed with the textile and clothing operations will benefit from the new industrial package.

A twenty-four percent (24%) general wage increase spread evenly over a three-year period will be paid to the employees. The parties agreed to temporarily retain the current regime of fringe benefits, except for an increase to twenty-five working days annual vacation for employees with over 20 years’ service.

Secretary General of the National Workers Union, Mr. Johann Harewood is currently making all the necessary arrangements with the company and the Department of Labour to have this new industrial accord signed to facilitate the implementation of the new wage deal.

Meanwhile employees of the National Insurance Corporation (NIC) and their representatives, the NWU are gearing up for a general staff meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to update employees on the current industrial relations development between NIC and the NWU.

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