Marchand Football League New Executive not Recognised by SLFA inc.

The newly elected executive of the Marchand Football League (MFL) will not be recognized by the Saint Lucia Football Association (SLFA) Inc.

Teams under the Marchand League meeting PM Philip J Pierre at the commenement of the PJ Pierre Football competition.
Teams under the Marchand League meeting PM Philip J Pierre at the commenement of the PJ Pierre Football competition.

The VOICE has been reliable informed that the MFL will be existing outside the SLFA’s membership circle. In other words, affiliates of the Marchand League can only play amongst themselves.

How did the MFL and the SLFA arrived at a situation like this?

It all started when the SLFA received resignation letters from the MFL’s President, Secretary and Vice President. The MFL’s 2nd Vice President, in acknowledging the resignations, proceeded to elect an interim committee to fill the vacant positions in defiance of an SLFA’s directive to desist from doing so and to await word from them.

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The 2nd Vice President ignored the SLFA’s directive and proceeded to install an interim committee claiming authority to do so from the MFL’s constitution.

The SLFA placed the MFL interim body under ‘Administrative Suspension’ as a result calling on the 2nd Vice President to rethink her action of installing an interim committee.

She was advised to dis-band the so-called interim committee. The SLFA noted that with the resignation of the majority of executive members of the MFL, the executive would have ceased to exist and as the parent body, the SLFA was obligated to step in.

However, the interim committee still went ahead and held elections to form an executive. This exercise took place last Saturday with Anthony John being elected as the new president of the MFL, with former FIFA match official Sabina Charles –Kirton as the 1st vice-president.

According to a spokesperson, the exercise was held in accordance with the constitution of the MFL.

The procedure was facilitated in the presence of an independent Elections Officer with all four MFL affiliates present, with a minimum of two delegates each.

The following individuals were duly elected to serve on the MFL Executive:

President– Mr. Anthony John

1st Vice President– Mrs. Sabina Charles-Kirton

2nd Vice President– Ms. Emily Remy

Treasurer– Ms. Mary Roberts

Secretary– Mr. Kurt Weekes

Assistant Secretary – Mr. Nicholas Sydney

Public Relations Officer– Mr. Duran Lloyd

Trustee– Dr. Owen Gabriel

Trustee– Mr. Desmond Sydney

The new MFL Executive is expected to serve a two-year tenure, from 2022 to 2024.

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