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Health Sector Receives Vehicles, Pharmaceuticals, Laboratory Consumables and More

Health Sector Receives Vehicles

As part of efforts to strengthen the health sector’s capacity in responding to emergencies and enhancing health care delivery, the Project Implementation Unit through its Health Systems Strengthening Project HSSP recently handed over vehicles, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and laboratory consumables and reagents to health facilities including the Ministry of Health.

The Ministry of Health received two panel vans, a supply of pharmaceuticals, infrared thermometers and universal transport kits. The St. Jude Hospital received one panel van and one double cab pick-up. The Ezra Long Lab at the OKEU Hospital accepted receipt of laboratory consumables and reagents.

Health Systems Strengthening Project/ OECS Regional Health Project coordinator Jeanette Jn Louis Hughes says it is her hope that the donation will make the beneficiary departments and hospitals more efficient and also boost the health sector.

“Today we are delivering to the Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs, the St. Jude’s Hospital and the OKEU Hospital specifically the Ezra Long Laboratory much-needed resources which will assist them all in improving the delivery of care at the various institutions. Our focus at the Project Implementation Unit is not only on the provision of resources but we are concerned about the expected impact which the use of these resources can have on the improvement on the delivery of care. We all know how the lack of resources can affect health care performance,” Hughes said.

Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health Jenny Daniel expressed gratitude to the HSSP for the donation and vowed their commitment to utilize the items given in the best way possible.

Health Sector Receives Vehicles

“We also recognize the significance of the World Bank group which continues to finance all major components that lead to the strengthening of our health care system in preparation for the gradual implementation of Universal Health Coverage. I would like to thank the Project Implementation Team of the ministry who have worked arduously over months towards the procurement of the components donated here today. The Ministry pledges and commits to the purposeful and strategic utilization of all components in our move to strengthen our health care system,” Daniel said.

Minister for Health, Hon. Moses Jn Baptiste welcomed the support provided under HSSP and says this signifies a move in the direction of achieving Universal Health Coverage in Saint Lucia.

“The donations this morning, while they may be physical: vehicles, pharmaceuticals, reagents. While these may be physical, they all form very important parts of this whole “mélé” or puzzle which we have to put together to achieve Universal Health Coverage in Saint Lucia. I want to thank you for your commitment and your dedication and I want to say to the staff of the St. Jude Hospital, staff of the OKEU Hospital and also the other departments of the ministry, those professionals who will be benefitting from the use of the vehicles that we care about you and know that everything is not right yet and may take a while, but I want you to be comforted knowing that we are working towards this goal,” Jn Baptiste said.

The Health Systems Strengthening Project HSSP invested up to $2.2 million EC dollars through component four of the project, which is the Contingent Emergency Response Component (CERC).

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