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Government Cracking Down on “False” UWP Accusations; Pursuing Legal Action

Prime Minister Philip J Pierre
Prime Minister Philip J Pierre

Prime Minister Philip J Pierre and Member of Parliament for Vieux Fort South, Dr. Kenny D. Anthony have both indicated that they will pursue legal action against UnitedPac Saint Lucia and the United Workers Party (UWP), after the two organizations “published serious defamatory statements” on their social media pages about the two Labour Party stalwarts.

In a Facebook post published yesterday, UnitedPac claimed that Pierre, “like his predecessor Kenny Anthony, was awarded a brand new White BMW 320I 2021 model engine # F0893870 and a brand new House at Cap Estate… this gift we have understood was donated to Pierre by some well-known businessmen in Saint Lucia.”

Pierre claims that the statements are false and were published with the intention to injure his “good reputation” both in his professional and private stations, and as a result, instructed his lawyers to pursue legal action against UnitedPac Saint Lucia, the United Workers Party, and all other pages which shared the content.

“It is a fact that Hon. Pierre is the owner of a white BMW sedan which he purchased before the 2021 General Elections and for which he makes monthly mortgage payments to a local financial lending institution. The Prime Minister does not own nor was he gifted a brand-new house at Cap Estate and has remained a resident at his property in Water Works Road, Castries where he grew Up,” a statement from the Office of the Prime Minister read in part, adding “these malicious attacks will not be tolerated.”

Further, “we encourage citizens to act responsibly in their thoughts, words and deeds and to call out all of those who peddle lies and when they do so, cowardly hide their identities behind fake names and organisations.”

Former Prime Minister Dr. Kenny D. Anthony will also pursue legal action against the aforementioned organisations, the Office of the Prime Minister revealed today.

Just last week, Youth Development and Sports Minister Kenson Casimir demanded that the United Workers Party come forward with evidence after it alleged that he requested an allocation of $50,000 to cover a 5-day trip to Qatar to witness the finals of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Casimir has denied the accusation and has threatened to take legal action against the UWP if it fails to proof that such allocations were provided to the minister.

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  1. NEUVA SAYS: editorial
    Independence what does the name mean, it means that you do not need any help from anyone, that you endeavor to do it on your own, and most assuredly you are a success at what you do. Food for thought is beggar St. Lucia independent?, every administration that is in power to represent the people yes the people, not themselves, goes out panhandling to anyone who would give them a bone, of course, they are begging so that they can steal their newfound wealth, Fox my man! You nailed it, to further elaborate on your unique observation let me say St. Lucia had no business being independent when all it does is panhandle, begging for bones, the so-called elected leaders for the past decade have been blind beggars, they act like kids playing at a tea party with dummy stuff dolls.
    Then they fight among themselves for who is going to plunder the resources of St. Lucia in the name of the commonwealth, next they scrabble with name-calling followed by numerous lies, and deceit, no wonder this country St. Lucia is now in a shit hole with murders by the score, still the so-called lazy leaders fight and scrabble among themselves, not standing tall and being true heroes to the cause, some are asleep at the wheel they are, let me tell you what they are not, truthful nope, lazy yes, greedy definitely yes, innovative thinkers nope, bossy oh yes, fresh my, yes, some are even stupid yes, brilliant no if they were they would not have let crime wreck havoc among my people, and those are the people who represent this failing Island of St. Lucia, captain the ship is sinking.
    The biggest heartache of all is that the Island has produced and still has among those failures people of true grit and brilliant top-notch sons and daughters, however, they are not given one chance to shine, on the stage, and do you know why?. It’s the age-old scenario the have and the have not, the well-to-do snuff up their noses at the poor, making them second-class citizens.
    So the greedy bastard who envisions a seat, corrupt and hungry places a chokehold on decent people like you my beloved St. Lucia.

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