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Electrical Malfunction Quickly Managed at OKEU Hospital

Image of Owen King European (OKEU) Hospital
Owen King European (OKEU) Hospital

On Thursday, 15th December at about 10:15PM, the maintenance and security departments responded to a malfunction in the electrical system at Owen King EU Hospital. This occurred in an electrical room on the ground floor, and although the fire alarm system worked optimally to contain the smoke and prevent the risk of the fire, some rooms were affected by a burning smell and smoke.

The maintenance and security teams took immediate action and were able to isolate the situation and the St. Lucia Fire Service Department responded quickly. No one was harmed during the incident, or the response and patient care was not compromised.

The electrical team is extending all efforts to avert a similar situation in the future. Millennium Heights Medical Complex performs periodic and preventative maintenance, and the quality department is continuously developing evacuation and emergency systems for the compound to ensure patient and staff safety.

Management assures the public of the maintenance of high standards of safety measures at the Complex and that all facilities remains a safe place to receive care and practice medicine.

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