BOSL Partners with Schools, Ministry Officials in Marquis River Restoration Efforts

On December 7th, 2022, the Marquis River in Babonneau, was the site of a significant restoration exercise with one hundred and fifty trees being planted by volunteer teams.

A BOSL employee with trees ready for planting.
A BOSL employee with trees ready for planting.

Under its Sustainable Solutions environmental programme, BOSL partnered with the Ministry of Agriculture – Forestry Department, the Iyanola Project, the District One Education Office and students and teachers of the La Guerre, Boguis and Babonneau Primary and Secondary schools for the first in a series of tree planting activities.

The banks along the Marquis river provided a sobering reminder of the awesome power of nature, following the devastating impacts of the November 6th trough. Chris Sealys, Forestry Officer with the Ministry of Agriculture – Forestry & Lands Division who was present at the tree planting exercise, expressed that, “we have embarked on a project to rebuild our river banks, not only with corporate citizens such as BOSL and the students who are here today, but also with the Iyanola Project to enhance the environment in the north east coast by sustaining our river banks and protecting our forests.”

The Bank launched a number of activities under its Sustainable Solutions programme including beach clean ups, tree planting exercises, virtual panel discussions and green energy financing solutions. The goal is to support advocacy through education, financing and community involvement across the island.

A student engaged in in the tree planting exercise.
A student engaged in in the tree planting exercise.

Omari Frederick, Senior Manager Marketing & Corporate Communications explained, “The Sustainable Solutions programme is the conduit through which we pay homage to the environment. We recognize as an institution that it is our responsibility to do all within our power to demonstrate care in supporting restoration and conservation efforts. We will spare no effort in ensuring that we safeguard our environment for the future of our children, and the next generation to come.”

Bank and Ministry officials encourage citizens and businesses alike to support environmental restoration and conservation efforts noting that as responsible citizens, it is our obligation to individually and collectively contribute positively to climate change, biodiversity and livelihood objectives.

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