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Archbishop Calls on Saint Lucians to Fight Crime with Prayers

Most Rev. Gabriel Malzaire
Archbishop of Castries, Gabriel Malzaire

Archbishop of Castries Gabriel Malzaire has called on Saint Lucians to fight crime with prayers as the island continues to face mounting criminal acts including murders which have reached 66 so far this year.

According to him, “people are becoming very apathetic, they feel God is not helping but they don’t want to make the effort. People are expecting some big miracle to fall from the sky to change things… we have to put our lives on the line. We have to put our efforts on the line (and) if people are not spiritual prayer will have no place in their lives.”

The archbishop noted that the right approach is necessary in the fight against crime and that individuals must fight with a different kind of weapon.

“Everyone is looking towards curbing crime but the question for us is how do we approach it; we cannot fight with guns, we have to fight with prayer and this is one of the things that I’m going to talk about at (a) rally this coming Sunday. We have to fight with a different kind of weapon,” he said.

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