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We don’t need a Crystal Ball to see our future!

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

There was a time when we had no idea what the future would look like or become. But today, all the signs are there to alert you of what to expect or what could be.

Starting with the existing cost of living, I see no signs of that lowering in the near future because for as long as greed exists, profits will be the concern of many.

As for climatic conditions, it is clear to see that global warming will be a major concern and destruction is the forecast for most countries, plus a lot of low-lying cities and habitation settlements will be compromised and, in some cases, disappear.

Criminality is and will be enticed, and division and conflicts amongst most societies will become the order of the day. Solutions will be a spoken as thought, but always far from becoming a reality.

Those who have will seek to get more, and those without will find life unbearable.

Friends will become foes, and neighbours will be suspicious of one another, trust will become a thing of the past, and love will only exist in our minds.

The sad thing about this coming predicament is that educators are silent, and the people keep looking outward for solutions and salvation. Dying will become easier than living, because it is the living, that will have to live through that period of stress that will befall us all and the burden of life will be on their shoulders.

Technological gadgets are available for outsourcing all that information, as well as to dispelling myths, but it is the lack of confidence in the system that governs us, that will become our only hope, and Pray God, if they think of us before themselves. Many will perish, quite a few will go mad, the many who once thought that the grass was greener elsewhere, may have difficulty reconnecting to their past.

It is a time of great uncertainty, but if you prepare, and take heed and keep humble, we just may cushion the blows.

There is no quick fix or immediate solutions, but re-education and having a new mind set may be an option.

We have to get real; we must see things for what they are, we must reconsider our values, and foolish pride and egos have to be thrown outside the window.

There is no misconception about the future, as all the signs are pointing towards hard times ahead.

I am not a prophet of doom, but I call a spade a spade and call it as I see it. Granted, many people may not share my views, or my thoughts, on the subject, but it is only time that will decide if I have been misleading you, or I just have a strange notion about the future.

Or just maybe, I have a private Crystal Ball, or we are singing from two different hymn books.

To me, some things are predictable and there is enough evidence to justify my theory. But just like in the time of Jesus, I suppose, there will always be Doubting Thomases…

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