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The Female Dilemma: How to give Jack his jacket and call a spade a spade!

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

While some women at the administration level are championing the fight against criminality and women rights, some others are bent on defending and protecting criminals in the community.

Granted, women are connected to men in several ways, they being mothers and in some cases wives and girlfriends, as well as being friends and neighbors who are men, but they also have to come to the realisation that some of these individuals, including their male counterparts, are involved in devious behaviour.

There is no doubt that most of the acts of violence and plundering, theft, muggings and killings are committed by men, and this has become a concern to the entire society and based on their heightened activity, criminality has to be dealt with.

Despite the role that men play in the lives of some women, they have to admit, and accept that, some of their loving men are responsible for the growing state of crime on island.

There is something known as tough love, meaning (what) our loved ones and our family and friends do will cause us grief. You may like a dog, but if the animal is consistently killing other people’s pets and biting people and it threatens to bite you, then you may have to get rid of it. This parallels mankind: if there are negative persons in our midst bent on being destructive and a threat to society, they must also be dealt with, for the better good of society.

There is a thin line between honesty and dishonesty, between loved ones and criminal ones and we must become real and be analytical with cause and effect, and we must give Jack his jacket and call a spade a spade.

Protecting loved ones and our friends is important, but to defend criminal acts without taking into consideration the destruction it causes, is, to my mind, not positive. If your right arm has a bad sore or is broken so bad that it will affect the rest of your body, you may have to consider cutting it out, even though you will miss the limb, considering the damage it can cause the rest of the body.

Same way, it is not always easy to let go of loved ones and friends, especially when they have been good to us, but reality must step in. There is profitability in crime and some people will lose out if their source of survival were to depend only on criminal behavior, but the question is: for the sake of personal gain, should we neglect these facts or fight against law enforcement as it relates to bringing criminals to justice?

We only think of ourselves and personal gain, and seldom see the big picture, or see that what our brothers or sisters or family are doing can destroy the whole fabric of this society if we don’t support Law and Order. The time has come when we must make choices, each person must decide what is best for putting country before self, and in the final analysis deal with our stark realities. In the same way we miss our loved ones when they are dead and can do nothing to bring them back and must live with that new reality, the same applies to loved ones, we have to learn to detach from, if and when it becomes necessary. These are hard decisions to make, but in many stages of life we do make hard decisions, and this is just another one of those cases.

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