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Survey launched for Sustainable Road-Based Public Transport Plan

Buses parked at a Bus Stand

An ongoing survey is being conducted with the intention of helping the authorities to implement adequate mechanisms for the local transport system – with regards to the mobility needs of the population.

According to transport authority personnel, the effective delivery of public transport services is critical to meeting the mobility needs of the population of Saint Lucia as the country advances its social, economic and environmental priorities.

Towards this end, the Ministry for Transport, Department of Economic and Technical Cooperation, Ministry of Finance and the Saint Lucia Transport Commission is implementing the Sustainable Road Based Public Transport Study with funding from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), sourced through the Agence Française de Développement.

The study will examine a new organization for the bus routes, changes in the tariff system, renewal of the fleet, new standards for the bus terminals and regulation changes to improve the public transport system to meet the needs of users.

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The plan will be developed through an inclusive participatory process implemented through a set of workshops and surveys that will gather opinions and requirements of users, bus drivers, associations, and vulnerable groups.

Everybody is invited to participate in the development of the plan!

To do so go here

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