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Food Safety Tips for Jounen Kweyol – From the Ministry of Health


In the observance of Jounen Kweyol celebrations the Ministry of Health Wellness and Elderly Affairs would like to urge vendors and patrons to be extra vigilant when preparing, storing, purchasing and handling food and food products.

In particular vendor’s/food handlers must follow these guidelines to prevent food borne illnesses;

• Wear adequate head covering

• Be properly attired to handle food

• Be in possession of a valid health card

• Be in possession of a valid temporary health license. Also observe the Basic Food Safety Principles which are

• Keep foods at required temperature

• Cold foods 40 °F and below

• Hot foods 140 °F and above

• Separate raw from cooked foods

• Cook foods thoroughly in an effort to kill bacteria

• Keep all surfaces and environments clean

• Use safe water and products

• Wash hands regularly.

Before, during and after food handling and after using the washroom

• Have Separate persons dealing with food and money

• Change gloves regularly

• Refrain from wearing jewellery

• Prepare foods as close as possible to eating time and avoid storing large batches of cooked food at room temperature.

Consumers, remember to take personal responsibility for your health and wellbeing in an effort to protect yourself from food borne diseases and food allergies.

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