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Export Saint Lucia Registers Positive Strides in Sea Moss Industry


Noting that one of the recent success stories from the Expo 2020 Dubai was a shipment of sun-dried sea moss from Saint Lucia to distributors in Dubai, Export Saint Lucia (ESL) has stated that the interventions initiated in 2018, to breathe life into the local sea moss industry has resulted in increased exports and major economic benefits for all involved in sea moss production.

According to ESL, the national trade export promotion agency of the Government of Saint Lucia continues to work assiduously with stakeholders in the sea moss value chain, including farmers and manufacturers, to expand Saint Lucian Sea Moss’s reach all over the world.

The work undertaken has included assistance with entry requirements for major markets like the USA and creating opportunities to export sea moss to other destinations.

Cognizant of the successes, and potential of the sea moss industry, the government has allocated $500,000 to Export Saint Lucia for the continued development of the sector.

“We know that our producers require a little assistance in going along the value-added chain. Therefore, part of the $500,000 will be used to help producers move up the ladder,” noted ESL’s Chief Executive Officer, Sunita Daniel. “Export Saint Lucia will also work towards making various components of the industry as sustainable and world class as possible. This involves conducting an audit of sea moss facilities to provide relevant training and certification where necessary.”

ESL intends to assist in the development of value-added sea moss products including gels, powders, and drinks. The Agency will also ensure that manufacturers of value-added products meet all relevant standards for the entry of their products into international markets.

Additionally, plans are underway to employ the services of a food technologist to consult and advise on natural and organic preservatives to extend the shelf-life of value-added products.

Saint Lucia Sea Moss is highly regarded the world over.

Furthermore, ESL reports that future shipments are being planned. The Agency also reports that discussions are underway with five distributors in Dubai who wish to stock Saint Lucian products, including condiments, on shelves in the Middle Eastern country.

Brand Saint Lucia notes this as one of the many achievements of Expo 2020 Dubai. Saint Lucian Sun Dried Sea Moss was one of several products that completely sold out within Saint Lucia’s pavilion.

Since then, all producers have received cheque payments from Export Saint Lucia for the items sold at the Expo. All unsold products are enroute to Saint Lucia and will be returned to their owners for sale locally, and in export markets.

Creatives too, including dancers, singers, and musicians have been paid for their services at performances in Dubai. Following the completion of Expo 2020 Dubai, many of these creatives have been booked for performances in external markets.

Invest Saint Lucia and the Citizenship by Investment Programme have reported ongoing discussions with luxury real estate firms, while the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority records increased interest in Saint Lucia from non-traditional countries. Government has pledged support to ensure each promising lead is delivered.

The Agency is pleased with the prospects for stakeholders in both the sea moss industry and those exposed to new markets and consumers during Expo 2020 Dubai.

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