Statement by Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards

The Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards (SLBS) would like to inform the general public that the publications by HOT 7 TV, DBS, LOOP Saint Lucia and other media houses on 21st September 2022 contain statements which are demonstrably false, malicious and intended to misinform.

The SLBS has been engaged in discussions with the Civil Service Association (CSA) which are ongoing and SLBS continues to be available notwithstanding the failure of the CSA to show up on several occasions for scheduled negotiation meetings.

SLBS has not disciplined any staff without the requisite due process. SLBS is in compliance with the Laws of Saint Lucia.

We note the efforts to compromise the integrity of the Director of SLBS, who as a Professional Engineer will take the appropriate measures to address such miscalculations.

SLBS remains resolute in guarding the reputation of the institution, which we will defend from subterfuge, sabotage, misrepresentation and purposeful deceit by staff or the general public.

SLBS wishes to assure the public, that we remain committed to fulfilling our mandate to strengthen the national quality infrastructure in Saint Lucia, contribute to the advancement of the national economy, support sustainable development, promote health and safety of consumers, protect the environment, and facilitate trade.

Statement Issued by:
Mr Thomas Edmund
Chairman of the Standards Council

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