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Suspected Cases of Monkeypox Cleared

In a  press release dated Thursday July 21, 2022 the Ministry of Health Wellness and Elderly Affairs informed the public of the management of suspected cases of Monkeypox. The Ministry of Health has received the test results from the  Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) of which all of the suspected cases test results returned negative for the Monkeypox virus. As of Friday July 22, 2022 there is no confirmed case of Monkeypox in Saint Lucia.

The Ministry of Health is encouraging persons who develop fever, headache, back pain, muscle ache, weakness, swollen lymph nodes, and a rash to go to the nearest health care facility for assessment. Persons are advised to take measures that limit their risk of contracting Monkeypox. These measures include frequent washing of hands with soap and water or use of hand sanitizers, the wearing of face masks when in public spaces, and the practicing of physical distancing. In addition, people are encouraged to eat healthy, avoid excessive use of alcohol, stop smoking, and have regular exercise.

People with chronic illnesses like hypertension and diabetes are asked to work with their health care provider to ensure control of these illnesses.

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