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Saint Lucia’s Border Control Management System Goes Live

The new Border Management System (BMS) went live today Monday, July 4, 2022 with a brief launching ceremony and demonstration hosted by the Department of Home Affairs. This is to say that the new system, inclusive of software and hardware has become operational. The   BMS and all new procedures associated with it, forms part of the national security plan of the Government of Saint Lucia.

Present at the ceremony were the Minister for Home Affairs Honourable Dr. Virginia Albert Poyotte, Her Excellency   Ms. Lesley Saunderson, Resident British Commissioner, Mr. Mark Taylor, Assistant Director, Head of Americas Region, Home Office, United Kingdom, Permanent Secretary Dr. Elizabeth Bailey and staff of the Department of Home Affairs.  Deputy Commissioner of Police within the   Royal Saint Lucia Police Force Mr. Wayne Charlery and senior officials of the Customs and Excise Department.

The project   employs a phased – approach which starts at the George FL Charles Airport Rodney Bay Marina and the Ferry Terminal at Lac Toc Road initially.  The Border Management System will eventually be replicated throughout all border control points on island.

With the implementation of the Border Control solution, the traveling public can anticipate faster and more secure border operations.

This would mean automated travel document identification and verification, biometric data capture and quality assurance, biometric traveler verification and identification, among other features.

The public will benefit from further sensitization on this project in the coming days as the   Department of Home Affairs embarks on a sensitization campaign on the new Border Management System.

The Border Management System was implemented by Radex BCMS based in Aruba, Dutch Caribbean.  RADEX is a complete border control management system developed with latest hard- and software for multi-biometric capture and search capabilities.

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