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Let us look and see things as they are

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

Permit me to dissect a scenario, on the basis that, if a beast has ten heads and two are cut off, do you think that will kill the beast?

Considering the recent action of the government to establish stiffer penalties for gun-related offences and a probe into alleged mismanagement of national funds, both commendable, but will they reduce the surge of criminality?

The above-mentioned seem to be at the top of the ladder, but between the top and the bottom there are several other crimes that need to be addressed with equal urgency.

Let us assess some of the rest such as house breaking, car theft, muggings and holdup’s, child molestation and incest, corporate rip-offs, etc. They are all burdensome and all are at the height of the list of criminal behavior.

The situation that we face after ignoring most of these crimes for such a long time is that they have become part of our daily living.

When we ignore what we think are smaller crimes, or we consider them no-big-thing, then when they balloon, they can also get out of hand.

I believe if the government is serious, it has to deal with all aspects of criminality. They may make enemies along the way, but will gain many more friends both home and abroad. If criminality remains a way of life, then the constant torment, and discomfort to the nation will continue.

If the state is poor, then they need to amass wealth by dealing with the ills that have become common practice and seem to be profitable for some to indulge in with impunity.

If we as a people can and do pay a price for upholding the Laws, then there should be an equal fine for breaking the law.

We suffer from the lack of enforcement, as you so often hear the laws are on the books, but not enforced because of this and that reason.

Granted the government should be seen as a friend of the people, but they must never take friendship for granted, and overlook those who are not too friendly, and mean harm and are liable to create destruction.

We have to stand firm on the subject of crime, whether it is grassroot or white-collar and all who are found guilty must be brought to justice or made to pay for their actions…

To favour one set above another is wrong, so the state has to put an iron grip on all persons, so that all who become entangled in criminality will become liable to face the strong arm of the Law.

We have to change to become a no-nonsense state, or what exists, for now, will remain the norm forever. We have to stamp out behaviours that exist today, so as not to deal with the same situation tomorrow.

As the saying goes, what is good for the goose should be good for the gander, so if we deal with corruption and negative behaviours now, it means that the future will be less criminal orientated We have to do things differently or the suffering at all levels will continue. We also have to be more objective with our criticisms. In other words, we must get rid of the invisible colour barrier and see things as they truly are.

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