Census Payments Finalised, to be Resolved Within Days

The Project Coordination Unit (PCU) has given the assurance that payments to enumerators and other contractors involved with the 2022 National Housing and Population Census have been finalised and is being resolved.

The Project Coordinator within the Project Coordination Unit, Ms. Cheryl Mathurin has confirmed that some payments have already been made.

Parliament recently met to approve a World Bank funded project called the OECS Data for Decision Making, under which the Census is financed. The Motion was presented by the Minister for Finance Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre.

Mathurin explained that part of the delay in payment was a result of long and involved procurement and financial management procedures detailed by the World Bank

The Director of Statistics Mr. Sean Mathurin echoed the assurance given by the PCU, noting that all is being done to expedite payment to the enumerators.

Apologies are being extended to all impacted by the delays in processing payment.

The National Housing and Population Census is conducted every ten years to provide government with information critical for meeting the needs of communities islandwide.

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