Breadfruit and Breadnut Festival in Commemoration of Emancipation:“Enkindling Our Consciousness”

The Holy Trinity Anglican Church and St. Mary the Virgin, observe  Emancipation Day for a second time with a special church service on Sunday July 31st at 8.30 AM. The Holy Trinity Anglican Church, is further encouraged as a result of the announcement by the Government of St Lucia that it will provide greater support to the observance of the Emancipation Day celebrations in 2022.

Following the Church service, patrons will witness the blessing of a six-day exhibition at the historical Anglican School Annex.  The event starts each day at 9.00 AM till 6.00 PM.

The exhibition will include four sub themes  viz:

Theme 1: Historical background on Slavery and Emancipation via portrayal and educational medium including discussion and lectures on Indigenous Peoples.

Theme 2: Food, nutrition security and culinary benefits

Theme 3: Manufactured items and uses of Breadfruit and Breadnut ( Bwapen ek Chatany).

Theme 4: The Way forward with Future Research and Sustainability of the Programme.

The exhibition will feature several cottage type branded products inclusive of Wines and liqueur from Breadfruit and Breadnut, Rosumunds wine and VELS Muti services, as well as products from  the Caribbean Draft Distilling.


The other branded products from Breadfruit are, jellies and confectionery from Miss Strose Creole Delight,  soap from Ebon Savon, Breadfruit flour and several bi-products from the members of the St Lucia Network of Rural Women Producers ( Babonneau and Micoud Cluster) and  Island Pops with the famous  Breadfruit flavoured popsicles.

The St Lucia National Archives, is providing support in featuring the display of the historical artifact and historical data.   The famous calypsonian, OSHUN, will display some of her artistic paintings and art work at the exhibition.

On Wednesday 3rd August at 5.30 PM Albert Deterville Kayosyala Institute for Indigenous Peoples will deliver a lecture. The Theme of the lecture is Drawing from the Manifestations of Post Slavery with a view to avoiding its occurrence.  The other lecture will be delivered by Nkrumah Lucien who will speak on the subject at 10.00 AM Saturday 6th August on the Theme “Sankofa and Reparations: The Past is Present.”  All lectures are of 90 minutes duration and will be delivered at the Anglican Church.

The observation will feature folk entertainment and folk dance Kwi Band from Micoud, the Major Tones on Monday, 1st August, as well as Friday and Saturday 5th and 6th August 2022.

The event’s Strategic Management Team is also most appreciative of the major endorsement from the St Augustine, University of the West Indies, Trinidad. A booth will feature digital material highlighting the research work undertaken by UWI over a 30-year period. The University has also offered to work with the organisers on programmes in the future. The local Department of Forestry of the Ministry of Agriculture will also be featured at the Exhibition where plants will be on sale.

The general public and the summer schools are specially invited to visit the exhibition.  There is no admission fee.

The commemorative event obtained the support from the Holy Trinity Anglican Church, the St. Lucia Government and the St Lucia Distillers Group of Companies.  Detailed Eye Architectural and Interior Services, FRIEETAD in the OECS Inc and Caribbean News Global.

A variety of Breadfruit delicacies will be on sale and display for the duration of the event.

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