Babonneau Cluster of Rural Women Producers supports the Breadfruit and Breadnut Festival

Babonneau Cluster of Rural Women Producers

The St. Lucia Network of Rural Women Producers (SLNRWP), Babonneau Cluster has accepted an invitation to be part of the Breadfruit Festival organised by the Holy Trinity Anglican Church and the St Mary The Virgin at the historic school Anglican Annex from Sunday 31st July till Saturday 6th August 2022.

The Mission of the SLNRWP of the Babonneau Cluster is to empower rural women to improve their social-economic position through training, entrepreneurship and networking, inter and intra-regional trade, product development and cultural exchange.

Ms. Leralyn Anthony outlines that the SLNRWP of Babonneau was launched on the 27th August 2008, under the umbrella of the Inter- American Institute for Co-operations on Agriculture (IICA). It is also a chapter of the Caribbean Network of Rural Women Producers (CANROP).

The group comprises of an enrolment of 30 members’ with15 active members. The members are engaged in a wide variety of income generating activities with a prime focus on Ago-Processing.  Ms. Anthony highlights that the main product will be on display at the exhibition and some of the other bi-products. Their main products are flour from Breadfruit, plantain, macambo, sweet potato, banana and cassava. The group also produces local dried fruits for snacks and fruit cake, relishes and chutney: (Tamarind chutney and onion & pepper relish.)

Ms. Anthony says “We believe that the Breadfruit and Breadnut Festival provides another excellent platform to educate the general public and in particular the young people, as to how the country can tackle the challenges of Food Nutrition and Food Security. And we are overjoyed to collaborate with the Anglican Church”

The exhibition starts with a Church service 8.30 AM 31st July, at the Holy Trinity Anglican Church and the blessing of the Exhibits and continues for six days ending Saturday 6th August, 2022. The event is part of the national Emancipation observance,,,, under the theme ‘Enkindling our Consciousness”

The SLNRWP of Babonneau Cluster’s agro-Processing facility is situated at Fond Assau Babonneau. Contact: 758 487 3383.

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