Where Are The Parking Meters?

Five years after being promised parking meters, the City of Castries is still without the meters despite a change at the helm of the municipality.

This measure of controlling parking on certain streets in the city was first mooted by former Mayor Peterson Francis back in 2017.

Francis had earmarked the William Peter Boulevard for installation of the meters in the first instance. He told reporters in March 2017 that the meters would be erected “in a few weeks.”

Francis left office without the promised installation of parking meters, despite claiming that the meters were at Customs and Excise and would be installed.

New mayor, Geraldine Lendor-Gabriel yesterday told THE VOICE that the Castries City Constituency Council (CCC) is unable to locate all of the parking meters which at one time was said to be on local soil.

“We can’t find parts of it,” Mayor Lendor-Gabriel said.

According to her, the CCC has been searching for various parts of the parking meters.

“Weeks upon weeks we have been looking,” she said.

Mayor Lendor-Gabriel last month told Loop News of the CCC’s inability to find the meters.

“We have an issue finding all of the parking meters so we are trying to get that. We can’t find them. They should be at the ports so we are trying to ensure that we get them and install them but at the moment we have had a bit of a challenge in terms of getting those parking meters than we anticipated but we are working on getting them.

We have set some level of resources aside since we came in to achieve that; we are committed to doing it because it is an important initiative that should create employment and address the issue of indiscriminate parking in Castries,” the online news publication quoted Mayor Lendor-Gabriel as saying.

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