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Saint Lucia Delegation Tours St. Vincent and the Grenadines Cannabis establishments

Minister Emma Hippolyte (third from right) on the cannabis tour in SVG
Minister Emma Hippolyte (third from right) on the cannabis tour in SVG

Cognizant of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) successful establishment of a brand known for research into plant-based medicine – a Saint Lucian government delegation visited SVG on Wednesday June, 8 to conduct a tour of several cannabis establishments.

The tour was identified as a ‘fact-finding’ mission that will enable Saint Lucia to make inroads with its prospects for getting involved in the lucrative cannabis industry.

The Saint Lucian contingent met with SVG’s Agriculture Minister Saboto Caesar and other staff members from the ministry of staff and the Medicinal Cannabis Authority.

Minister Caesar noted that, “We are prepared to share information with our brothers and sisters in Saint Lucia as we work to build a world-class medical cannabis platform in the sub-region.”

He added:  “St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a technopole for plant based research in the 21st Century. We have successfully established a brand in the Western Hemisphere as a prime destination for research in plant-based medicine inclusive of cannabis. This new era is expected to attract investors interested in funding researchers, with the ultimate goal – the improvement of global healthcare for humanity”.

Saint Lucia’s Commerce Minister and Chairperson of the Cannabis Task Force, Emma Hippolyte, noted that the fact finding mission seeks to draw on best practices globally so as to best inform the path that the Saint Lucia industry will take.

The Minister was accompanied by Deputy Chairperson Dylan Norbert Inglis and PRO Verne Emmanuel.

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