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Ministry Gives Date on Sugar Availability

The Ministry of Commerce, Manufacturing, Business Development, Cooperatives and Consumer Affairs has been experiencing a shipping delay of brown and refined sugar due to supply chain issues and is working closely with international suppliers to expedite shipments to St. Lucia.

Global supply chain disruptions are causing consumers to struggle with shortages in a variety of basic goods. Sugar shipments have been severely impacted due to adverse weather conditions from the source markets. Additionally, container shortages, specifically 20 ft containers, are becoming increasingly difficult to source due to congestion at ports and rising demand.

While these challenges may slow down the delivery of these essential goods to the consumer, the Ministry would like to assure the public that every avenue is being pursued to mitigate the impact of the global supply chain issues. We assure you that sugar supplies are being managed with the utmost priority. Brown sugar will be available from the Government Supply Warehouse on June 15th and an update will be provided on the regular supply of refined (white) sugar at the soonest.

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