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If you really love this land that gave you birth, what’s your contribution?

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By Carlton Ishmael

Not too long ago, I wrote an article that seems to have raised some eyebrows. Some who read it complimented me, while others had great objection to my point of view. Nevertheless, each is entitled to their own opinion, so I respect all views, including those I don’t agree with.

Again, I choose to be controversial by asking you the reader, especially those of you born in my homeland Saint Lucia, how many of you truly love this land that gave you birth?

Is love to you of self, of others, or of Country?

To me, the forecast of things to come truly suggests that this nation, our people, those you who claim to love, are really in need of that love and support.

How many left these shores with the intention to get educated, get rich and return to assist in our country’s growth, but behold only return if they are given a big job with large wages?

How many people locally have acquired large plots of land, that is underutilized, unkept, unproductive and have made an effort to make some of it available to persons to help deal with our food insecurity?

Have any of you who own garages thought of assisting a community member by converting it to a car sales and repair outlet to help combat the stress?

I am not talking about giving handouts, but to assist where development is needed. Many people would like to work or gain some form of revenue, but if nobody invests in new manufacturing ideas, or new business ideas, how do you expect the masses to get by.

Must we always depend on foreign support, keep begging for grants and search for loans and all imported support? Why is it so difficult for those who have the means, to decide to invest in the interest of the common good?

Love is also about giving back, sharing, playing your part, assisting with the struggle, so if you dearly love this land that gave you birth, what really is your contribution?

This Country needs help, a lot of people need support and guidance, but if we do not put our shoulders to the wheel and really show that love, I am afraid we are all living a lie.

The strong must help the weak, the rich must support those who have less, as many people only need an opportunity, but if the people’s plight is not taken seriously, then the present will lead to more carnage.

We need to change our course in history, we have to divert from the common norm, we have to develop what will enhance growth for our people, not profits for only a selective few.

There are many ways to contribute, but you must first have and show that love. Nothing lasts forever, but the good deeds that man does lives after their death. The material you now cherish and focus on will not get our lives better. In fact, those who have will always seem to be an attractive target.

Being Lucian should be about caring for each other, but now, what we have are Lucians killing each other, the frustration is real, the life is becoming unbearable, the cost of living is daunting, we are at the brink of a national crisis that can only be averted if our love for Country becomes real.

Being Lucian is also helping to protect Fellow Lucians from the perils that can be bred from neglect so my final message here is that the Haves should know they have an interest in keeping the Have Nots out of trouble because when the Have Nots get angry and hungry, it is mainly the Haves they will seek to plunder.

That’s how the world turns so we must not only say but truly show that we really mean it when we say we ‘love the land that gave us birth’.

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