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United Workers Party Calls for Solution to Violence

The United Workers Party in a press release on Tuesday, December 14th expressed sadness by the news of the senseless shooting that occurred in Marchand on Sunday night. The heinous act resulted in the death of three young persons and the hospitalization of two others.

According to the UWP, “this act of gun violence is even more distressing as it has occurred during the Christmas season which is considered as a time for extending love and caring.”

The United Workers Party went on to call on all citizens, organizations, law enforcement, and the government to work hand in hand to find solutions to the increasing violence on the island.

In the release, the United Workers Party also empathized with the families in the Bishop’s Gap area where a fire destroyed three houses over the weekend. “We encourage the relevant authorities as well as family and friends to lend a helping during this festive season,” the release ended in saying.

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  1. Every Government be it SLP or UWP have been dodging the one and only solution, and that is to bring back hanging. None of the past governments for decades have grown the balls to tackle that subject, and now it has become a menace in the society and fear have griped the nation. Godlessness have bred Lawlessness, and where do we go from here – three well known locations – the Grave the Hospital and the Jail house. Lord help us

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