Axcel Finance Supports Nation’s Youth with Uniform Vouchers Programme

Back to school preparations are being made easier this September as regional microfinance institution Axcel Finance continues to make a meaningful contribution to many students.

Axcel Finance recently donated school uniform vouchers to parents across Saint Lucia who are facing hardships preparing their children for the new school year which commenced on Monday, September 13.

The timely intervention forms part of Axcel Finance’s current “Back2School Together” promotion that sees the company lending support to parents, guardians and students on the students’ return to school.

Despite schools reopening with instruction being done virtually due to recent adjustments in protocols, students will still need school uniforms in anticipation for the return to learning in physical classrooms. School uniforms can be expensive, especially for parents who have multiple children.

With the socio-economic fallout brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, unemployed parents and families raking in reduced income find it more challenging to prepare children for school. With that in mind, Axcel Finance sought to lend much-needed support to four parents through the donation of uniform vouchers.

Axcel Finance’s “Back2School Together” theme for back-to-school this year is multi-pronged. It does not only focus on providing support to individuals seeking quick and hassle-free access to funds, but is also aimed at providing parents in marginalized circumstances the support they need to give their children the tools they need to be successful. One such tool is the best possible education.

According to Axcel Finance’s Operations Supervisor, Arlington Mathurin, the company support at this critical time reaffirms its unwavering commitment to student education and overall success.

“While we anticipated our children to be back to learning in a physical classroom instead of a virtual one, they still need to have uniforms for their return to a physical learning setting,” Mathurin stated. “We know that looking your best inspires confidence which in turn breeds success and vice versa. As such, one’s image cannot be undervalued, and it is our hope these uniform vouchers will give the children that they benefit the confidence they need to successfully make it through this academic year. We truly hope they feel encouraged to give their best despite their circumstances.”

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