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The time is soon nigh!

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

POWER has always remained in the hands of three segments: those with the guns and ammunition, those with the money to control the economy, and those who control the workings of the law. To this day nothing have changed and it is still the same grouping with the power.

As for those with guns (legal or not), they can still terrorize and frighten the living hell out of inhabitants. They also govern by their own rules. As for those with the money, regardless of how they obtain it, they dictate, bargain, manipulate, scheme, swindle and call the shots so they either turn a blind eye, or facilitate the system.

And for those that have the law on their side, who make the rules and were given the mandate to control and manipulate the resources of the state, they are the ultimate ones in control of our lives.

The rest of us are forced to play ball, as they say, go with the flow, pay the requested taxes, and become the victims of law-breakers. We are subjected to that kind of control, and now in this time of world pandemic and economic downturn, their power becomes more apparent.

Those who already have the will and do find means to acquire more are aware that the rules and laws change daily to give them a legitimate reason to acquire. They are protected by the system and they prop-up the law makers.

As for the leaders, especially those with elected status, they ensure that they gain as much from the crisis, knowing that most people are subjected to the rules and must comply.

And the ace remains with the rich and mighty, as they are the ones bargaining, setting the rules, making the empty promises. They have the elite and legal arm of the society to have them get their way.

The time is ripe to plunder, oppress and control everything, and since it looks like everybody has a price, there are plenty of persons ready to assist the process. Some come only with ideas, but they know full well that the government is bankrupt of ideas and grabbing at straws, desperately trying to impress the people that they are the ones bringing us development, giving us a chance to survive, or to make a buck.

We, are up to our necks in debts, trying to survive in this perilous and rough experience in these times, but we the general public want to have the technology at our finger tips, living the modern life, but at a hefty price. We are drowning in the sea of uncertainty, and while most of us are living the stress, there are the many who live good.

The poor remains in desperation while the elite and the law makers and the well-offs dig out our eyes, have us pay continuously for their fame and fortune, while they profess to be supportive of our needs and aspirations. They call that governance and we are just too blind to see their motives and their bluffs. However, the time is nigh when we will again have to decide who we want to be controlled by.

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