A Tribute to Errol Montoute

By Martin Weekes

How does one begin to pay tribute to a man like ERROL MONTOUTE?

Do I pay attention to his sporting prowess, his larger-than-life personality, his fantastic sense of humour, his efficient customs brokerage or his deep spirituality as a man of Faith? In every one of these areas mentioned our dear friend Errol had a tremendous effect on the people he related with. I am not afraid to conclude everyone loved him for who he was and how he made us feel. He appeared to make each person feel special and appreciated.

Errol Montoute

It did not matter if it was on the field of play as part of the football, cricket or netball team or part of the team conducting a Catholic Christian Retreat for his brothers and sisters. His ability to combine his talents, skills, knowledge and that great sense of humour in the appropriate doses was a gift from God as it forever succeeded in deepening relationships and changing lives positively among those he worked, played and prayed with.

Errol was a generous, caring and selfless man and this was very evident in the responsible roles he took on and successfully navigated throughout his life whether on the levels of sports, professional or religious. These qualities endeared him to mentor many young people in both their sporting and professional lives. It gave him such great joy doing this.

I could imagine the jokes up there since his transition and his bouncing up again with his partners Rupert Polius, John St. Lucy, Carlos Southwell, Oliver Scott Jnr, Julius ‘Dryo’ Drysdale, Kitchener, Blanc, Mindoo Phillip and Michael ‘Shaddy’ Hippolyte as they pick up on their hilarious jokes and ole talk from under the pavilion at the Mindoo Phillip Park. Oh, what a ball they must be having some good laughs all day long.

Errol has said goodbye but he will never be forgotten especially by us his Shamrock brothers and sisters and his Cursistas friends. DECOLORES!

Sincere condolences to Mary-Ann and the rest of the family. May Errol rest in Eternal Peace and rise in Glory.

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