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Hilda Charles The Sweetheart

Hilda Charles is a sweetheart. I met this wonderful lady last week and she definitely made my day brighter. We exchanged grins and stories and although we were strangers, it certainly didn’t seem like it.

She’s a designer, cook, and hairdresser. If you asked her, she’d tell you that she loves it all and simply can’t pick a favourite.

“I started cooking at an early age. I can remember cooking in my grandmother’s black pot—that was certainly a great experience. I would take my mother’s seasoning and cook things like green fig and lentils. It was really exciting,” Hilda said.

“I started selling rotis in town recently. I also sell pumpkin punch which my customers love, clothing and jewellery,” she added.

Image of Hilda Charles
Hilda Charles

She sells her products on Micoud Street and hopes that her small business will change her life in some way. Hilda admitted that life is no walk in the park and with two children, it’s even harder.

“I make crochet items. I sell neck pieces, earrings, scrunchies, bows, shoes, baby outfits, dresses and more. I have bills to pay and I have other responsibilities too so I have to do something. COVID changed everything,” she stated.

“It’s very hard for me. I have to make a lot of sacrifices. I have to wake up early on a morning to prepare so I can then go in town and try to make something. If the crochet stuff does not sell, I have to think of other ways to make things happen. That’s why I have the little eats and drinks on the side,” Hilda added.

With God on her side however, she’s certain she’ll make it.

“God is still coming through for me. The best choice I ever made in life was serving Jesus Christ of Nazareth because without him I wouldn’t have come this far. I would have been lost. The hardships will come but all that is part of life and it will definitely make you stronger,” she said.

Although she’s fighting her own battles, she loves to help others. In fact, it brings her great joy.

“I love to make people happy. I especially love putting a smile on the face of someone who’s going through a tough situation. I also like to make people look good and that’s what I do with my crochet items,” she explained.

She’s a fantastic designer and best of all, she’s self-taught.

“I always wanted to crochet. My neighbour used to crochet so I’d often watch her and say I would do the same one day. God blessed me. I love to comb as well and when I was younger I always combed people’s hair.  When my mom saw this, she told me I would be a hairdresser,” she said.

“Every time I saw my friends I’d ask them to comb their hair. When I got older I did a course at the National Skills Development Centre; since I’m good with hair I wanted to get that certificate so that I’ll be able to open my own business one day,” Hilda explained.

Hopefully, her dream will come true. My favourite thing about Hilda is definitely her warm personality. Meeting people like her certainly makes my job worth it.

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  1. Hi sweetheart, every now and then we are given a gem, thanks to Rae; but you
    know something, I believe Rae is just shy and being overly modest, giving praise
    to all her darlings but saying nada about her dear self. I dunno but I believe she must
    be the same age as my grand daughter, maybe. My biggest dream is the miracle of
    a final visit to St.Lucia just to meet some wonderful folks I’ve read about, to visit the
    Castries Market and of course to say Hi to you dear Hilda. I hope you’re not as shy
    as you seem to show sweetheart, smile and cheer up, it’s the season to be merry so,
    I pray for you Hilda, the good Lord above to shine His light upon you to be prosperous.
    I pray also for you my little ‘RAE’ of sunshine, to be blessed for your good work from now
    and beyond. These are trying times and we know not what tomorrow will bring. Be Blessed.

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