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Edisa Eugene is a remarkable young lady. The 19-year-old is the proprietor of two businesses (E’Bamboo Creations and Scrumptious Bites) and she is also a student at the University of the Southern Caribbean.

For Edisa, this is just the beginning of an already riveting chapter. I interviewed the Soufriere resident via telephone recently and we spoke about her accomplishments, aspirations and more.

Image of Edisa Eugene
Edisa Eugene

“It all started in the A- Level department (at the Vieux Fort Comprehensive Secondary School). My entrepreneurship teacher (encouraged me to participate) in a competition but at the time I wasn’t really interested as I didn’t have any ideas in mind. When I went home, I brainstormed and I looked around to see what could I work with and I realized there were many bamboo plants and nobody was really making use of it. That’s how it (E’Bamboo Creations) all begun,” she explained.

“I placed second at the competition; my first product was hot and cold bamboo bottles,” Edisa added.

Although she performed well, she ended that chapter; later she would get an opportunity that would change her life forever.

“I got a call from the Ministry of Commerce. They said they heard about me and they wanted me to come in to have a meeting concerning a trade show that they would be having. I told them I’m not registered and they said they would help me figure it all out. They assigned someone to me and ever since I’ve been working with that person in order to build up the business,” she said.

It’s undoubtedly one of the best decisions she’s ever made and Edisa is certainly grateful. E’Bamboo Creations offers a handful of products and they’re as beautiful as ever.

“I have immersed myself into doing bamboo vases, bamboo sticks, and I recently started doing my new product which I named “scruboo”. It basically consists of a loofah and it is attached to a piece of well-decorated bamboo,” the young entrepreneur said.

Her handpainted mugs are my favourite. According to her, “I have a friend who (helps me). We sit together, he would either make me trace or something of that sort and then he would do the nice finishings to make it look pleasant.”

She is passionate about business and it certainly looks like there are great things in store for Edisa. She has faced a number of challenges along the way, but one thing’s for sure: she’s an overcomer.

“For me it was tough at first because when you’re young you tend to look at other businesses and say I don’t think I could be like them. You put pressure on yourself that’s why it becomes tough, but really being a young entrepreneur is fun, because there are a lot of opportunities for young entrepreneurs these days,” she stated.

She believes that patience goes a long way especially when one is just starting up.

“You will get a lot of persons who will tell you I don’t think this will go (well) but I believe if you have a vision for your product or business you should go for it. It’s not easy especially when you start up. You might not have the money and you might be confused—just seek help. At the end of the day all of these challenges must come to an end and it all contributes to the growth of your business,” she added.

In August, Edisa walked away with the award for Most Outstanding Academic Performance in Entrepreneurship and Tourism at her alma mater. Her hard work is certainly paying off and with God at her side, there’s nothing she can’t do.

“With God everything is possible and without Him it won’t be, so you just need to keep on going, keep your head high, be open-minded, be willing to take advice and remain focused in all that you do,” she said in closing.

P.S. She has a “strong love for pastry making” too. Follow Edisa on Instagram: @ebamboocreations758 @scrumptiousbites_758

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  1. My God, what has happened to the St. Lucia I left behind well over 60 yrs ago?
    Without these beautiful success stories, I would have thought that the Country
    was taken over by a bunch of lost souls with applications to whomever to get out of
    Jail, since that seem to be the only sensational stories being printed; but thanks to
    Ms. Rae the heart of St.Lucia is still alive. Here we have, would you believe, a 19 yr
    old chick blazing her way in (i) marketing (2) Artistry (3) Entrepreneurship, no wonder
    she was awarded the most Outstanding Academic performance in Entrepreneurship
    and Tourism at her Alma Mater. Well I’m proud of Soufriere, the sleepy town where I
    spent most of my school vacations, with local friends, swimming on the sandy Beach
    or playing soccer on the field near the River and the Beach. Congratulations Ms Edisa
    you are beautiful with your beautiful white Teeth hiding behind dem dark glasses, quite
    a charm, a heart and a brain to go with it. I pray the good Lord to open great doors for you

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