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Unicomer rescues over 3000 customers through new Credi-Care Programme

‘GRATEFUL’, ‘relieved’ and ‘impactful’, were just a few of the words used by customers to express their feelings towards Unicomer’s newly expanded credit recovery programme. Launched in the OECS in October, Credi-Care is a comprehensive solutions-based credit relief programme designed to assist customers who have been impacted by COVID-19 directly or indirectly as a result of salary reduction, reduced hours, reduced household income, layoff or redundancy.

“Thank you Courts for getting-it,” exclaimed Julian Morris, a long-time Courts customer in Dominica. “Courts has been helping a number of individuals in the society, particularly individuals with disabilities. I have had a financial burden on my back for some time…with Credi-Care, I was able to receive some financial freedom and take care of all my debts…Now I have more cash in my pocket!”

Credi-Care offers a wide-range of solutions to provide reassurance to customers. From refinancing payments, to freezing accounts, to waiving interest penalties or installment forgiveness; there is a solution for every customer. “To date we have refinanced 3146 customer accounts over the OECS and assisted more than 10,000 customers with other credit solutions. This means that these customers can rest a little easier and have peace of mind knowing that they received the help they needed to claw back more funds to take care of their households. On some occasions, customers also took advantage of our refinance and buy option allowing them to continue to shop and purchase much needed items for their homes,” said Vincent Gordon, Managing Director, Unicomer (St. Lucia) Limited.

Nicola Charles, a Courts customer in Grenada was thrilled with her Credi-Care experience. “I am happy to say I was successfully approved for the Credi-Care Program…my monthly installments were reduced to almost half the amount…now I have more spending power to do the things I love for myself and my family!”

“We are pleased with the progress of this program and we will continue to make this service available through the month of December to help as many families as we can,” Gordon emphasised.

“COVID-19 has left no family immune to its brutal economic impact. In these difficult times, we are committed to being there with our customers. Courts has heart. And to hold true to this promise, we are doing everything we can, from reshaping our policies to sensitizing our teams, to underscore that commitment; after all, we are all in this together,” Gordon said.

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